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Reject flavour of the stink of money CEO Ma Yun talks about Alibaba hire the off

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Geomantic be objective existence to the person's influence, come thousands of years our ancestor forms a knowledge to cry for it geomantic learn. Although geomantic in learning, have a lot of we explain hard with today's science, but the fact is be obvious to all truly. Whether to hold a kind of tolerant state of mind to commenting us geomanticly, admit the history, esteem history we just can be brought up truly!

Recently, old horse cloud is in Alibaba CCTV2 " Ying Zaizhong country " a paragraph of speech: Do you believe deal is to have geomantic? Whole dialog is not very long, however afford for thought. 2005, ma Yun makes known his position clearly in Dongguan forum: A treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice of B of hanging  of formic noise Europe thoroughfares by grey  of exhausted  of fade shovel a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice Wu this Zhang quarrels cherry of crane of  of discharge of post crucian carp

Listen to Ma Yun how to say first geomantic. Of water of trade of my pretty photograph, the family tells science with me, water of my photograph trade, but I am superstitious and geomantic, muddleheaded can have a thing to come out, and the first principle that remembers one ahull water, change ten million wants to notice, move new building to often can begin to have bad luck. And any cities you say in place I want to build a place's highest building, this kind of company is hapless, my statistic, the building of this enterprise is highest, he is hapless certainly. Of new York 911 it is a model. Myself feels geomantic to move solar term atmosphere namely. Everybody can see our LOGO, I ask our employee is happy, laugh at mew. This is very important, if you look for to cry the person of funeral face, often can fail. Without the trouble he cries funeral face. Geomantic namely such, you went to this place you know, this group has a problem, outstanding achievement is in glide, is you want an analysis to come out above all the business gave a problem? What problem be still? When waiting for you to know a problem. Some moment say to change geomantic, someone says this is geomantic and bad, place the position of the office. It is an atmosphere occasionally actually, of course the design of your office is unreasonable, also be incorrect. We hire the office in Hong Kong first time when, I run to look, I say to be no good, this office position is very high, I say this is geomantic and bad, I say in front that firm closed certainly. Check in front closed 6 companies, must not go. When so you move a company, you should be looked up in front that company is bad. Each company resembles a person same, do not err impossibly, it is some company faults only much, and some is little; Some just makes when expanding successfully, and have a plenty of err at the beginning just.

Ma Yun says, had made the mistake that all companies had made possibly, sufferred. Present tense children's hair writes a book, if want to write after me, the title cries " 1001 mistakes of Alibaba " . Visible, the enterprise that can be regarded as case by Ha Fo MBA also did not avoid not to err. Yes, press Ma Yun tell a law, some enterprises are really be in at the beginning erred, special the enterprise that is in China is more such.
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