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  Website of Beijing office building dispatch Beijing entered Olympic Games period on July 20, center of round-the-world money message ends building site exercise ahead of schedule, the face stands outside shining, as off-street as Beijing ave flower and beautiful scenery add glorious for Beijing together.

Project introduction:

Center of round-the-world money message, hold Chang'an Street of hinterland of national politics classics south extension line is celebrated a sector of an area, belong to almost with national great theater eastwards same in axes. Here is former address of Chinese picture company originally, also be the ground of horn of gold of before 3 aves, to in Nanhai is apart from point-blank only 1 kilometer, tighten center of neighbour home administration. In addition, notable still is, northeastern Xiang Zechu is establishing center of round-the-world money message the Beijing with long history is Catholic hall of announce fierce door, department Beijing cultural relic protects an unit, added unique humanitarian flavor for project periphery; National news agency -- Xinhua News Agency is located at center of round-the-world money message northward, three rival powers and stand to lie between an ave only, of a sector of an area exalted without in order to duplicate.

Traffic of a sector of an area of place of center of round-the-world money message is extremely convenient, it is a center with this edifice, boreal side is before 3 aves, xiang Xizhi is connected on the west 2 annulus, on the west 3 annulus, on the west 4 annulus, give an advantage; Project Dong Linkuan spends 70 meters announce Wai Street, xiang Na can be arrived at directly south 2 annulus, connect Xidan one after another continuously north; Build to be about to begin to the project go up inclined street, the width after building achieves 25 meters, ground transportation extend in all directions. [detailed]  

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