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Office is geomantic: The geomantic jewel that dissolves duty field Lilliputian (

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Show according to investigation, office worker is current socially the most depressed a flock of, the office worker that nearly 4 is become once wanted to commit suicide, the Gao Ke of pressure and blue index thinks and know, and 3 think very much into the office worker of 5 cruel the boss that hits door of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed and colleague, make the conflict on duty field and conflict grow day and day, have among them most probably the person feels least of all of bright is “ often is worked in the same place hold sb back or calumniatory ” , saying simply is “ makes Lilliputian ” , look the manpower resource branch of business circles is gotten well the course that opens a “ how to prevent Lilliputian ” just is.

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