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After the white-collar looks suffer environment of exciting Tecent office badly

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Eliminate sleeps, wait for the time that is in the office everyday, the time than be in the home is great ~ for instance occasionally beautiful flowers and plants of the home is careless forever half-dead, small fish fish drips on desk occasionally people but spirit, be in with the office environment that ~ hears of Tecent all the time like loach home is those who gave a name is good, there is a dot in the heart slightly ill-affected, request, occasionally also what element mixes 5a office building is good, do not have method, the woman loves to compare ~ before ~ two days to an opportunity goes to Tecent innovation center attending a meeting namely, it is experience of saw with one's own eyes the office building of Tecent, and still undertook **** , again next, microcosmic opened beautiful ~ in the blast inside body this is doorway of office of Tecent innovation center, innovation center sounds quite cold tonal feeling, but the product that actually innovation center develops for instance Qq bookmark, surging etc, very interesting, it is a person really cannot appearance photograph, innovation center cannot fight a quantity oh ~ ~ is warm warm orange yellow, give a person very friendly feeling.

On Logo wall receive a visitor area, see these sofa people immediately the leg is soft, want to be stuck on sofa to sleep all over very much.

The desk that looks like Tecent is very wide, such inconvenience chat, favour, this is individual opinion.

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