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Relevant price all the way cost of bullish company business affairs is climbed t

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In March, in city of domestic a gleam of, the business affairs cost of the enterprise innovates again tall. Only Shanghai, office building hire already rose 25%% .

What be worth attention more is, achieve the history when business affairs cost new tall, each are big the enterprise hallooes when cost pressure is overweight, in regarding business affairs as cost of compressible part " market sale " , did not decrease subsequently. "Our investigation data shows, as the drawing near of Beijing Olympic Games, density of sale of brand business market achieves 3 years to come even first quarter this year new tall. " Li Guojiang of general manager of company of sale of Li Zhonghua offer tells a reporter.

If place character. Recently, company of some home appliance changes the sale of large-scale bomb type in traditional media, invite several networks media to drive go to Japan to cooperate sale. This year, the enterprise is chosen " shortcut " sale action common occurance. Before this, enterprise of and other places of Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Heibei, Shandong chooses to increase network sale proportion in succession, increase area sale the means such as specific gravity, adjust sale strategy.

Look inside course of study, in the backside of new sale action, it is the constant growth of business affairs cost, and the sale cost that undertakes to reduce totle drilling cost is compressed. The personage inside some course of study is reporter citing, before, the enterprise holds to invite what the media inside countrywide limits participates in to meet in Shanghai meeting, include traffic, accommodation, field to wait inside, need expenses expenses is close 3 million yuan. Compare to it, invite this area media to participate in only, can reduce defray close 2/3.

Although sale cost can be compressed, but the hard cost in including the business affairs cost such as cost of office building hire, workshop hire, choose and employ persons, still reduce hard.

"Be in Shanghai Pudong area, want to maintain business ministry of a small-sized negotiable securities, one the year's harvest is 4 million yuan about originally. If trade according to negotiable securities,commission 1.5%% is calculated, business ministry day trades the quantity should achieve 15 million yuan or so at least, ability balances cost. " the staff member of branch of Beijing of some negotiable securities tells a reporter, "Although the business affairs cost of Beijing slightly under Shanghai, but spend high area thick and fast in the enterprise such as market of ZhongGuanCun, banking, average day hire also can achieve high-grade office building every make the same score rice 8, 14 yuan, with compared last year, go up amount to 15%% above. "

It is hire not only. The cost of urban choose and employ persons such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen is total 2008 the trend also continues to rise, servantchoose a person for a job especially in cost " shadow cost " , outside proposing a toast except firewood namely, the employee life in city of a gleam of cost. The reporter notices, as a result of traffic of these urban urban district relatively embrace, and the traffic form a complete set of many industrial garden areas also is put in a few blank spot. Public transportation station is exiguous inside the garden area that a few companies are in, accordingly, enterprise must contributive buy a batch of buses, receive technically send employee to commute.
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