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Annals showed 2007: Estate appears on the market company profit margin is the mo

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Although the apiration buying a room of at present consumer drops into trough, your estate company feels quite headache, but be in at least 2007, they or big earth earned. Estate of at present half the number appears on the market the company already announced annals showed 2007, they almost full earthen bowl of each earn basin is full, advocate of lowest of profit margin of business Wu wool also achieved 18.65% .

Up to yesterday, shanghai is deep two city share many 50 estate kind appear on the market the company announces annals, each outstanding achievement waves red. The ability that estate company profits, from them advocate profit margin of business Wu wool sees one spot. Among them, deep brace up A(20.60 of course of study, - 0.5, - 2.37% , ) it is estate appears on the market the enterprise that can make money most in the company, advocate profit margin of business Wu wool is as high as 55.71% . This is meant, every sell this company an one flatlet child, can earn a half money. And rank most the day room after leaning grows (8.1, - 0.73, - 8.27% , ) , advocate profit margin of business Wu wool also was achieved 18.65% . Although this is in estate kind appear on the market by mat of the rank in the company, but its profitable ability is discharged however in Chinese birthday (29.6, - 0.8, - 2.63% , ) , in black force (21.95, - 0.55, - 2.44% , ) , Chinese petrifaction (11.91, - 0.2, - 1.65% , ) wait famous " country the name " before the enterprise.

"Prices of many urban commodity house rose quickly 2007, let estate company benefit a lot. " wave of cropland of the expert inside real estate expresses, annals shows, majority estate kind appear on the market the profit increase rate 2007 exceeded the company to do business the increase rate of income, this shows the real-estate industry 2007 is compared 2006 more make money. Among them, rich power real estate did business 2007 income forteen billion seven hundred and seventy-two million yuan, amplitude 45%; profit is 5.315 billion yuan, amplitude 148% . Profit is added fast achieve business income to add fast 3.3 times. In addition, financial market (21.8, - 0.4, - 1.80% , ) , the real estate that enrol business (40, - 2.25, - 5.33% , ) , Jindeji is round (15.8, - 0.98, - 5.84% , ) , Baolide is produced (24.72, - 1.49, - 5.68% , ) , A(23.52 of 10 thousand divisions, - 1.48, - 5.92% , ) profit amplitude also achieved business income amplitude respectively 2007 1.89 times, 1.65 times, 1.51 times, 1.2 times with 1.12 times.

Nevertheless, estate kind appear on the market the report of the company also is not spotless. Look from annals, cash of company of numerous house property flows a project to fell to appear huge negative number. Among them, every cash shedding is the real estate that protect benefit - 7.65 yuan, the group is Jindeji - 7.52 yuan, the real estate that enrol business is - 4.74 yuan. "Real-estate industry uses the form that scroll develops, borrow money in great quantities to the bank, at the same time many enterprises lay in land in great quantities again, took up a large number of capital. " Great Wall negotiable securities casts Chang Leiqing of travel department general manager to express, below this kind of circumstance, once capital steam again appears problem, development business does not have how much whirly leeway. According to introducing, include ground of 10 thousand divisions, gold inside enterprise of domestic large house property plans again financing, annals of 10 thousand divisions puts forward to will undertake group of land of gold of equity financing; just issued 1.2 billion yuan of debenture, still initiate jointly with lucky silver this year establish estate to invest partnership business.
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