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Land following sends an announcement: Land is unused cost will be collected by 2

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Land is unused cost general principle according to sell one's own things or transfer money paid for something purchased or received for something sold 20% collect, lawfully can free calls in, will determined free calls in. Land ministry allotted an announcement yesterday, requirement each district increases unused land to be in buy strength, special the land that solves estate to develop a domain is unused problem.

Unused land, it is the person that show land is used after obtaining land access lawfully, the people government that uses the ground without original approval agrees, the time that sets more than did not star building the construction that develops construction uses the ground.

Develop business " store up ground " the secret that already became to make public, also be one of roll booster that house price rises. Land department says about chief, in recent years, each district carries out those who fulfil a country to strengthen land adjusting control actively a series of policy measure, obtained apparent effect. But, the industry is divided in a few places, ministry especially unused problem highlights land of estate development domain, deal with not do one's best, affected the effect of land adjusting control directly.

Each district of land ministry requirement is accelerated deal with use unused land. Land is unused expend in principle to press sell one's own things or transfer land cost 20% collect; Lawfully can free calls in, determined free calls in. Unused to breaking the law to examine and approve and cause land, should be in Qing Dynasty was finished to retreat before the end of the year 2007. And according to " unused land is in buy law " , 20% it is land what unused Fei Zheng closes is highest be restricted.

In addition, land ministry begs each district even, reasonable and affirmatory construction uses a ground dimensions of ground access sell one's own things, shorten development cycle. Did not use contract of ground access sell one's own things to agree capture Qing Dynasty is all by construction of land cost, must not extend land uses certificate, also must not press scale of land cost pay to extend in installment land uses certificate.

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