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The Bank of China is rolled out secondhand the room trades capital superintends

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Branch of Shanghai of Bank of China and city estate trade building of center, faith, judge couplet seeks advice, inferior enterprise house property together pilot roll out secondhand house fund superintends business, its Pudong branch becomes Shen Cheng to begin first of this business pilot bank.

According to introducing, secondhand house fund superintends the principle that basically points to the right in building buyers and sellers, compulsory fairness, reciprocity to fall, trade by city estate the center is supervised carry out, establish superintendency account, to trading house money undertakes superintendency. Below the premise that assures capital safety, simplify flow, formalities by orgnaization of house property intermediary, bank, finish safely, expediently, quickly secondhand the room trades whole process.

This business goes to be able to be opposite in secondhand the room trades in deposit, head pay (or entire section) , the tripartite face amount such as tail section is superintended at the same time and transfer; The bank is in trade the center goes out receive a receipt loan, produce card can delimit that day paragraph, shift to an earlier date than rate of normal at ordinary times loan 7-10 day left and right sides; Alienee stocks house money capital to superintend account, after in buyers and sellers move of the property right that finish is registered and guaranty is registered, delimit by the bank money paying a room gives a bargainor again.

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