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Chengdu: Buy safeguard sex housing to be able to be filled with old house touch

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The Chengdu City decided the original housing of applicable to economy room and purchaser of price fixing room undertakes counter-purchasing by market price a few days ago, by the government relevant section pays directly for its buy bridal chamber head to pay, in order to alleviate these housing the pressure buying a room of difficulty door, ensure its ensure the benefit in the system from governmental housing.

Made a few days ago according to the Chengdu City " housing is counter-purchased, buy reserve job to carry out plan (try out) " , government of the Chengdu City will be passed " housing lays in a center " counter-purchase with valuation, bought means, the help accords with economy the family solves the housing difficulty that Fang Shen of applicable room, price fixing buys a condition to did not pay ability however buy room head to pay difficult problem. Its unit process of cargo bandling is, of original housing explain buy a family to want to pass only after putting forward application examine, signing " applicable room or Fang Shen of price fixing commodity buy economy the family is original sell an agreement from housing house " hind can get smoothly " buy card definitely " , housing reserve center will be replaced explain buy a family to advance bridal chamber head pays directly. Explain after the policy sex that buys a family to be bought in place ensures housing pay to use, ability and more than draw money that housing lays in a center to deal with its to sell original housing and old house hand over formalities.

Cai Jichuan of deputy director general of management board of house property of the Chengdu City says, price of the calculation in housing reserve is counter-purchased, bought former housing will serve as cheap to hire entirely room and rent model economy is applicable the room source of the room, in order to ensures more housing difficulty families, the low income family that makes those doing not have capable to ensure housing through buying policy sex with " rent " means solves housing difficulty, with period the fair configuration that realizes housing resource, build more perfect housing to ensure a system.

For aggrandizement the housing of this kind of gradient ensures systematic efficiency, the Chengdu City sets at the same time, the housing difficulty family that every has former housing explain buy sex of these two kinds of policy to ensure housing, must agree with governmental valuation to counter-purchase, buy its original housing.

Ensure the legal interest of housing family to protect application to buy policy sex, should carry out plan provision, governmental valuation is counter-purchased, the price that buys former housing will evaluate valence to undertake negotiation for the foundation with the market, if talk things over valence and evaluate valence to appear difference, clinch a deal certainly according to certain float extent valence.

Before this, economy of the Chengdu City is applicable room and price fixing house are different level land appears " applaud not draw a large audience " phenomenon. The room is in charge of investigation discovery of the branch, its are to be accorded with partly so formerly explain the family that buys a condition because of financial insolvency bridal chamber head pays and abandon explain buy. Although one part has the family of housing to be able to sell original housing originally,raise money those who purchase bridal chamber head pay, but as a result of building oneself condition time of poorer, raise the wind is closer, after selling a room, nowhere lives the limitation that waits for an element, very difficult will original inside short time housing sells piece.
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