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Ministry of land natural resources: Arrogate to oneself adds construction to wil

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Begin from 2005, article of following of land natural resources saves city 5 times to carry out town construction to increase to use the ground to reduce photograph link up with with rural construction with the ground in the whole nation pilot. After this, link up with is pilot and progressively popularize in the whole nation, its hope is to pass link up with pilot, improve the living environment of the farmer already, displacement gives the index that use the ground to be used at finding a place for capital attraction project. But the current situation is link up with however pilot became covert a ground. A few places begin link up with pilot motive is impure, care the index of land of have enough to meet need that displacement gives only, want to cross project area to use index of land of have enough to meet need even, used index of land of have enough to meet need to did not remand accordingly however mechanism, cause those who include a farmer inside to be damaged by displacement square interest. Ministry of land natural resources from this later development, the requirement does not enlarge pilot limits at will, do not get do sth without authorization to break through a program, must not break through dimensions of index of have enough to meet need. At the same time the regulation begins link up with without approving do sth without authorization pilot, increase construction to use the ground, want to find out responsibility, deduct land to use annual plan index accordingly.

Ministry of land natural resources still asks to avoid urban and rural construction 2 times medium to tear open change, the management that strengthens index of pair of have enough to meet need is mixed and remand in index of have enough to meet need, the respect such as popular wishes and the compensation scale to the farmer was asked for to do relevant provision before land project is carried out. The announcement is clear: Without the project area that whole examines and approve, do not get index of use couple have enough to meet need; Undertake to index of couple have enough to meet need whole journey dogs management ensures index on time full specified amount remands; Index of remanded have enough to meet need, agricultural what the ground does not get little Yu Jianxin to take up is new add construction to use ground dimensions, farmland does not get the farmland area that little Yu Jianxin takes up; Pilot project area chooses link up with spot position should execute hearing of witnesses, argumentation, absorb local farmer and opinion of social all circles adequately, do not accord with farmer apiration, must not do administrative order to tear open change forcibly; Auction of invite public bidding is executed to hang out one's shingle in building new lot gains of the earnings that offer the ground, should return by certain proportion return a country, supportive country collective develops production and economy.

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