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Hopeful of correction draft of method of urban estate management votes now throu

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Urban estate manages a law to be revised possibly still henceforth. This is Yang Jingyu of committee member of chairman of committee of law of countrywide National People's Congress be in today standing committee of National People's Congress of 10 whole nations on the 29th conference, make the information that when about the city draft of amendment of estate management method discusses the report of the result, discloses.

A few modification opinions that the law puts forward and proposal manage to urban estate when be being discussed in group in the light of committee members of some members of standing committee, legal committee considers to think: Revise considering this, basically be after to solve content authority law applies, the building that is badly in need of solving in urban construction collects the legal basis problem that tears open change; To the other modification opinion that committee members of some members of standing committee put forward, suggest concerned branch studies seriously, clutch estate management method makes pair of cities be revised further, according to legislative process timely submit to standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress is discussed.

Standing committee conference is right on August 25 morning draft of amendment of method of urban estate management undertook be deliberatived in group. Everybody thinks generally, the regulation of the matter right law that according to is about to apply, collect the attributive of the belongings such as the building of unit and individual and program, answer to be set by law. Before concerned law comes on stage, manage a law through revising urban estate, award the State Council to collect a city the building of the unit on state-owned land and individual makes specific measure, be helpful for a standard collecting behavior, protect the legitimate rights and interests of person be expropriationed, safeguard city construction undertakes in order lawfully; Amendment draft is feasible, hold with submit to this second conference votes through.

Legal committee thinks, amendment draft is feasible, accord with the concerned regulation of matter right law and legislative law. Legal committee put forward standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress to manage the decision draft of the law about revising urban estate according to amendment draft, proposal the conference discusses standing committee through.

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