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The Central Bank inside year add 4 times cease to get accrual many years 150 tho

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Add 4 times this year breath, the deposit of financial orgnaization is fiducial interest rate a year period also from at the outset 2.52% on move to 3.6% , raised 1.08 percent in all, 1 year period loan is standard interest rate raised 0.99 percent, in the meantime, interest rate of loan of individual housing accumulation fund is moved on corresponding also tierce add up to 0.27 percent.
What influence do this bring to common people life?

Add 4 times breath get accrual many years 150 thousand yuan 1539 yuan

What common people cares most is, add ceased to gains of how many deposit increase after all?

It is with 10 thousand the simplest yuan exemple, lead according to annual interest 3.6% will calculate, deduct interest duty, can take accrual actually one year 342 yuan, than former when 3.33% interest rate much 25.65 yuan.

If 150 thousand yuan deposit is being added,breath of one annual interest is 4995 yuan before breath, deduct the interest duty of 5% , net is 4745.25 yuan; If be calculated with new interest rate, a year period interest income is 5400 yuan, deduct interest duty 270 yuan, can get 5130 yuan actually.

This also is meant, 150 thousand yuan are rectified put whole take, annual interest is led 3.33% when can take 154995 yuan, annual interest is led 3.6% when can take 155130 yuan, than original income tower above 384.75 yuan.

According to the 2.52% will calculate words before March 18, 150 thousand yuan are rectified put whole take a year, get 153780 yuan actually in all, deduct interest duty, get 153591 yuan actually in all. This that is to say, in the time that is less than half an year, add breath hind 4 times, deposit 150 thousand yuan, common people got 1539 yuan more.

Change ahead of schedule borrow by this year bright the beginning of the year or greet still borrow a height

Since this year, 5 years period above loan interest rate already moved 45 base point on accumulative total. Want to be calculated by year because of still be being borrowed, for the common people that buys a room to loan, since next year, still borrow cost to will have the rise of certain level. The expert predicts this year bottom, bright the beginning of the year can greet the height that still borrows ahead of schedule probably.

If the individual mortgages 300 thousand yuan 20 years to the bank period the room is borrowed, cursory consideration, 4 degrees of person that add breath general to buy a room to loan increase the month of 100 yuan of above to offer a burden more.

Nevertheless, although interest rate of loan of this accumulation fund also promoted 9 base point, but borrow photograph comparing with average dealer, the advantage is very clear still. 5 years period interest rate of loan of above accumulation fund should be borrowed than average dealer low 297 base point.

"What I use is accumulation fund loan, not be too afraid. " Xiaowang did not show the officeholder that loan bought a room last year several times to add breath brought psychological pressure.
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