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Property service and high-end link up with

The heavy visual range that current Shanghai office building rents pair of property to serve a level is spent taller and taller, and conform with international gradually. A the most apparent show, it is more and more office building are in with the first peace and tranquility the Kingdom of Wei of nation of Davis, world manages the famous property company such as be an official cooperates, with period the property level of management that promotes oneself.

Detail respect can reflect the character of whole property and figure, company of brand property management is paid attention to very much from detail proceed with. For example, a lot of inchoate office building are put in elevator amount to cross period of little, peak to embrace a serious phenomenon. Regular meeting of property management company adopts the brand to communicate negotiation method with the enterprise inside the building, commute through staggering time, receive favorable result. If encounter wet, a lot of property can offer the polybag that installs umbrella to enter the personnel of the building, accomplished already prevent slippery, maintain the cleanness inside the building, protect action to arriving since the equipment such as elevator again.

Business affairs area more need equitable distribution

Integral layout included the layout of layout of architectural structure sex and industry condition, to office building rent have certain influence, equitable distribution is adjusted can make the integral business affairs of office building serves a level to get bigger promotion.

The first class office building that builds nearly two years, it is market market, meal, recreation, office mostly the omnibus property at an organic whole, a lot of still installed business affairs center, offer plane ticket to do sth for sb, take paragraph, enterprise industrial and commercial register the business affairs such as the representative that register to serve. A lot of inchoate office building also accelerated industry condition to adjust pace accordingly, if capital of science and technology is circumjacent meal service is very few, underground has a bigger dining room 2 layers, no matter grade or class cannot satisfy white-collar have dinner to ask, shop of skirt floor trader introduced appropriately later meal, recreational wait for condition of service line of business, the result promoted building business affairs service level not only, the business shop that still is skirt building attracted passenger flow.

Easy of office environment influence is measurable

To the tenement of office building of high-grade first class, include central air conditioning, water the level of the warm, building interior establishment that corresponds inside, although each have difference, but integral sense is not clear. From the point of actual condition, although a few hardware facilities that build time prior office building are existing really,measure of such as elevator passes to wait for a problem less, but do not have these pair of office building rent cause apparent effect.
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