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Office building value is underestimated to be product of a long-term investment

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Go to certain zone, office building price has the discount of very old rate than residential price. But the value that actually the market still wants to return to different property, this also means office building is a long-term investment product really.

Large investment firm pays close attention to the high grade office building with traffic first-rate position generally, to capital actual strength either for very abundant small investment objective, product quality, nice a sector of an area still is serious consideration element, but property sale mode appears more important. Current, can scattered the office building item that sell is less and less. Picture east of 4 annulus become international greatly, character, place is good, plus OK and scattered sell, very attract medium or small company and investor, obtain first half of the year perfectly sale outstanding achievement, ascend body office building sells the 10th.

After arriving all the time from this year 3 years two, supply of office building market is very large, but market demand growth is very remarkable also. In fact, from 2006, began 2007, the sale price of high grade office building rises all the time, grow extent more one year recently, some exceeded 30% , hire level also is in promote steadily. Yin Baojun thinks, hire of office building market may walk along two extremes, the first extreme is office building of dinkum international class A, for instance country trade 3, this kind of office building may achieve very tall hire in the market, achieve every square metre likely 449 yuan. Another kind may be relatively a bit further, for instance Yi Zhuang is mixed look at Beijing, its rent will be a few lower, but for opposite price and cost, its return rate is impressive still also. To a few a bit older office building, for instance country trade AB, hire can have a few to drop.

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