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Group of the mainland before this comes out message, was located be by the group 2008 " office building year " , the group is located in twice respectively south people road and area of bright and beautiful river die for a righteous cause wayside office building project will be started in the round inside year, office building develops dimensions to will exceed 150 thousand square metre. And after developing violet Yun Jinsha of · of the mainland that finish, roll out the pure house with not big dimensions only Jiang Huating of project bright and beautiful 2 period. The personage inside course of study guesses mainland group is about to spread out the strategy to adjust accordingly, the mainland will abandon traditional residence property. A few days ago, when Yang Daliu of mainland group president accepts media to interview, make public make clear, move of the company's current centre of gravity is coincidence merely, to Chengdu building city still confidence is dye-in-the-wood, the development of real estate of office building, commerce and consideration hold aim to undertake optimizing to oneself asset state, mainland group will insist to roll out the praedial property with have price of more characteristic, delicate, sex to compare better, the enterprise also will hold to individuation, poor dissimilation to compete.

"Love another person " pure belong to coincidence

Abandon the residence is developed and increasing blame residence property to invest scale, mainland group comes out inside course of study " love another person " be not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. Personage of mainland group interior discloses, had been located be by the group this year " office building year " , two capital floor projects will star building this year. Dan Yang mainland expresses when accepting media to interview, residence of nearly two years develops the group to will enter trough really, there is Hua Ting of a bright and beautiful river only this year 2 period residential project, but this is a group fitly beforehand investment arrangement, this and environment of current building city do not have a relation, inside course of study so called " love another person " actually pure belong to coincidence.

The place of project of two office building is very good, the road austral people saves the mainland international on gymnasium to will be made become Chengdu to exceed one of armour office building top classly by mainland group. "We dare not publicize mainland international external now will how contemporary and high-grade, at least it has those who surmount office building of a lot of first class the level. " Yang Daliu appears to project of the office building austral the city have confidence very much, additionally he still discloses be located in road dying for a righteous cause the harbor of sailing of · of mainland of project of another office building near 3 annulus road is fixed position headquarters economy. Additional, be in new plain the harbor of ease of mainland · photoelectricity that build invests with collaboration of institute of photoelectricity of Chinese Academy of Sciences by senior colonel area project, will kick off to began that day in the Olympic Games appear, today bright two years the very much excited place of mainland group looks be like have nothing to do with residential development.
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