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Fry a stock or fry house property, buy bond or buy foreign currency, common people how the growth that ability of conduct financial transactions answers CPI? Be in what held a few days ago with dispatch net " save common people asset large seminar " on, investment field expert is raised in succession action.

Below the double pressure that in Chinese stock market severe concussion and CPI grow, how can defend the limited capital fund that him work laboriously accumulates, already was the topic that current common people pays close attention to very much. Lu Xin of general manager of assistant of department of insurance of bank of health person life says peaceful, conduct financial transactions is one therein long-term goal, the economy term with a best family should be arrive 5 years 10 years. To common people, the most important is a basis present economic situation, do one therein program of extended conduct financial transactions.

Impact of China International economy learns standing director Tan Yaling to say, when investor is choosing product of some conduct financial transactions, of principal care should be a risk is not earnings drop, such ability not by the conduct propaganda of certain product place is revulsive.

Tan Yaling suggests to hold the investor of the dollar, when the RMB appreciates ceaselessly, do not be eager to changing the dollar the RMB, can change the dollar euro, from stock and foreign currency two angle undertake collocation to product of conduct financial transactions, with controlling a risk better.

The expert reminds bond investor wants to distinguish the sort of bond above all. Area of Beijing of the first poineering negotiable securities invests advisory Chen Zhongping to say, bond is more than national debt a breed, still have hair change appoint the financial debt that superintendency company debt and people bank superintend. But, average investor cannot invest financial debt directly, can undertake investment through buying the means of corresponding fund only.

Liu Yanbin of secretary-general of committee of industry of teachers training school of program of conduct financial transactions recommended the means of 4 kinds of investment below different situation according to current economic situation. It is to be in the stock market is small when the stock that can buy a bank, 2 it is to buy a house, 3 it is the stock that buys life-insurance company, 4 it is to buy ETF fund. Liu Yanbin emphasizes saying, investment estate must entire section invests and cannot use bank loan, because bank loan can increase the risk of investment, reduce accrual.

Chen Guojiang of director of institute of Beijing University estate thinks, look from macroscopical face, chinese city changes the element such as level, industrialized development and population bonus to did not produce a change, so in will for a long time see estate still can have very good development space. But, when investor is choosing real-estate project, should notice to hold type of opportunity, a sector of an area, product to wait. Additional, when investing the product such as apartment of business shop, office building, hotel, investor should notice according to the investment of family and individual ability undertakes assorted judging.
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