Yi Xianrong: "Two rate " it is good to reduce pair of estates to develop busines

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Easy constitution allows researcher of academy of Chinese company division. Estate company is asking all the time government " save city " , think this " two rate " adjusting is come for estate, but actually, the loan interest rate of so little scope drops, do not have how many influence to estate market, and this kind has retain the policy that press, as it happens is an estate segregation is outer. This loan interest rate drops extent is tall is short term loan, loan time is longer, next amplitude modulation are smaller. And estate development loan is in commonly 3 years of above, individual housing mortgages loan prep above of general metropolis 5 years. This originally loan interest rate drops scope is little, add sex of this kind of structure to adjust, so whole drops scope is less. Besides, the commercial credit dimensions this year is remained only 800 billion the left and right sides, namely the bank credit of every month is 200 billion, the credit of a few months grows future quickly essential impossible. Drop " two rate " the outstanding issue that basically is the existence in solving current economy to move, the financing problem that is like earthquake of plain of problem of financing of medium and small businesses, rural finance problem, short of Wenshui River, real estate wants to borrow monetary policy of this Central Bank to change direction let more bank credit enter unlikely. To domestic estate market, not be the house is built much, also not be to build the house that come out nobody is bought. Basic problem is, the price is supported to be on the ceiling by development business. If the price reduces great majority dweller to the balanced dot that pays ability goes up, so the main problem of domestic estate market can be solved. Business of the development before this goes with rich of adjusting control policy on one hand, production public opinion hopes to let estate maintain mode of sudden huge profits, apply often again on the other hand pressure, the requirement is alleged " save city " . This " two rate " policy comes on stage, development business is in again cry, this is the policy of untie a person to estate, and the policy of untie a person to estate still can come on stage further. But actually, a person with a discerning eye looks to know is how to answer a thing. Drop " two rate " policy comes on stage, the key is to maintain domestic economy growth, is not to be aimed at estate market. Development business should look only recent " be restricted to borrow your " the improvement that reachs pair of housing to mortgage a system, know the Central Bank is adopting measure to be on guard estate market risk, be on guard of the United States second borrow the crisis not to happen in China. From the point of afore-mentioned meanings, "Two rate " adjust pair of estate to affect very little, estate develops business to borrow this banner to ask the government moves to estate, borrow this the government saves building city to had begun for banner, it is dozen of fault not only abacus, also underestimated the wisdom of consumer. (easy constitution allows researcher of institute of finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

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