Fan Dazhong: The course of study that raise a pig becomes estate impossibly also

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The United States of international investment bank of famous fills group near future high denounce endowment 200 million to 300 million dollar, key area Hunan, Fujian breeds in Chinese live pig at a heat wholy-owned bought 10 Yu Jiazhuan course of study to raise pig factory. This action lets a lot of people astonish, financial industry is called all along the commerce that can make money most, bank tycoon runs to raise a pig unexpectedly now, the shock spends a bit no less than in those days Liu Buxuan of Beijing University an outstanding student sells pork. Gao Cheng makes a person awe-stricken in financial prestige, we worry about those commercial gifts appoint go raising a pig to be able to produce what variety to come personally, is the course of study of home that raise a pig their adversary? Allegedly foreign capital financial group (include American Ai Gefei group to wait) to raising pig course of study a series of the attention that invests behavior to already caused local government, someone cries went out " beware the course of study that raise a pig becomes estate the 2nd " if, it is to worry about tycoons of these international financial group to depend on abundant capital and powerful commercial ability control or forestall indeed this group course of study, "When arriving, be afraid common people wants to eat a pork to have to pay high price again. "   although, of estate value mad go up made compatriots cogent experience the one side with the most terrible forestall, but the course of study that raise a pig becomes estate impossibly the 2nd. A lot of industries hope duplicate estate is expensive stealthily profit pattern, but basically be impossible. The uniqueness of estate basically behaves in the following respects: Above all, land forestall is in governmental hand, the country builds a room to cannot enter the market oneself, the city strangled the possibility that builds a room oneself to land sale from the program, count of count on one's fingers, don't requisite of a few the people's livelihoods there is allow production of people proper motion? Next, worldwide inside you cannot find the bank that does not care about bad Zhang so, break in sessional recently Shenzhen in offerring the first case, the owner that serves as the accused is in unexpectedly unwitting circumstance issues fine long hair, the bank did to mortgage a room to borrow to him, the face that connects a person had not seen borrow money piece, such bank just has China only; Again next, also make the people so enthusiastic than the house without any commodity, a few connect a Fu Dou to pay the person that does not rise to also dare risk debt to be chased after the risk that goes in graveyard buys a room in bank loan. Accordingly, no matter how foreign capital financial group enters the course of study that raise a pig, that is afraid of is Buffett and Suoluosi come, also do not have a likelihood absolutely this industry put through " estate the 2nd " . Unless the government comes again second cut capitalist tail, raise privately the pig is maintained break the law, next the bank is executed mortgage buy pork. Even if is such, also make 1.3 billion people mad for pork hard, the debt guaranty that adds a back all one's life with the income of a size gives a bank, house price became high we cannot sleep street, bridge opening (joint defence group says this also is illegal) , but pork price nods us high to change duck eating chicken. A word, we are met because of the house was destroyed all one's life by the bank, but won't be troubled by because of a few pork for be being chased after all one's life debt. Can prove the job that raise a pig is impossible to become from this " estate the 2nd " , want to know, landed myth can not rely on simple forestall to be able to be accomplished merely.

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