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Gu Haibing talks about the Central Bank to lower interest the influence   of pair of economy and building city yesterday, company of Lei Man of bank of the 4th large investment's brother applies for the United States go bankrupt; Meanwhile, our country Central Bank is decisive also move, come to first degrees 4 years lower interest, reduce deposit reserve to lead at the same time. International finance is queasy the economy with home is macroscopical adjust appear at the same time, this will produce what kind of influence to Chinese economy, to this, the reporter interviewed Chinese people university to teach, distinguished economist considers Hai Bing. Reporter: The Central Bank lowers interest to apply for to go bankrupt with Lei Man's brother happen in same day, both whether to have immediate impact? Gu Haibing: My individual thinks to do not have immediate impact, the thing that goes bankrupt because of Lei Man was passed for a long time " brew " , released statement to just lower interest with Chinese Central Bank fitly yesterday touch went up. Reporter: Does the Central Bank lower interest what to kind of influence will produce to city of Chinese economy, building and stock market? Gu Haibing: Actually, the extent that this the Central Bank lowers interest is not very big (complier notes: Reduce a year period RMB loan is standard interest rate 0.27 percent, loan of other time class is standard interest rate according to short-term the principle that moves less much air, for a long time is made adjust accordingly. With 20 years 400 thousand yuan of rooms of deadline are borrowed for exemple, below current standard interest rate, equal reimbursement means needs every months to return 3303 yuan, and after reducing accrual, return 3281 yuan every months, reduce 22 yuan every months only. ) , and limits is lesser (complier notes: Since September 25, 2008, outside be not being reduced except of short duration of bank of industrial and commercial bank, agriculture bank, Bank of China, construction, transportation bank, postal savings bank, other bank savings kind reserve of deposit of financial orgnaization RMB is led reduce a percent) , because the effect of this pair of economy is practical the effect is potential too won't apparent, but may bigger to the action in the people's heart, after all this is the Central Bank reduces loan interest rate nearly 4 years first. Actually, to country's major economic policy, the people should maintain gentle state of mind, a lot of practical effects may be after very long period of time ability phenomenon comes out. Reporter: American media becomes this crisis analogy the economic great depression 1923, can you cause global economy crisis? Gu Haibing: Present United States and the United States of moment is completely different 1923, although American economy is affected, but the United States is very powerful still to the control force of the world, compare Japan and Germany, the United States has very preponderance, of Lei Man close down unapt from affect the United States to be opposite substantially the control force of world economy, but in last centuries 229 time, if this is apparent,American advantage is done not have at all, accordingly, this danger opportunity causes global economy crisis unlikely.

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