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With Lei Man brother goes bankrupt for the mark, second borrow the crisis to continue to deepen, global economic depression. American money market accumulated malpractice of a few years, borrow change a product by estate negotiable securities, erupt type ground appears in everybody at the moment. No matter Lei Man's brother is,exit financial scenic with what, lei Man exits arena itself to had told us, the United States has been changed in financial lever with derive taste the go too far on complicationing road. Be willing to buy sheet for Lei Man without the person. American bank, middle east is main fund and Korea industry bank, in second borrow crisis initial stage to copy a bottom to buy equity, had made dominion fund is in on the stock market coxcombical be in at least 30% above, those who cause ministry of dominion fund country is intense rebound. The fact proves, these destruction that borrows a product power is far great cross 9 · 11 with on bubble of the network at the beginning of 90 time of century breaks down destroy force, the discretion of each finance orgnaization has sufficient reason. 9 · 11 it is to come from external hit strongly pressure, did not destroy the internal competition ability of American finance orgnaization; Network bubble breaks down those who stay is not one ground chicken feather, however the labor productivity that the whole world raises considerably. Second borrow the crisis disparate, exposed all soft costal region of American finance and industrial structure. Each Founder is reviewing economy to develop the malpractice of kingdom of mode and beautiful type finance. Real-estate loan of the United States is the foundation that the loan that prop up consumes, the person that buy a room buys a room through loan, the building that passes appreciation obtains consumptive loan, pass all sorts of finance orgnaizations, after real-estate loan product is changed by negotiable securities, sell a whole world -- form chain of loan, consumption, production for the center with estate, dollar assets in a steady stream of the whole world gathers together ceaselessly the United States, in order to be in debt or the form of creditor's rights. This one mode takes the place of to had begun from Clinton, but to last year the beginning of the year, go to the end. As a result of beautiful couplet store add value of breath, estate to drop, the person that buy a room cannot continue to still be borrowed, credit goes bankrupt. After that second borrow product price fall, price of high grade bond is hit pressure, credit market is abrupt and constrictive, credit of residential real estate is undone and excessive to commercial real estate, right now, the prey that greedy financial orgnaization engorge gets hurt -- those early days are done for many times wantonly borrow derive tasted financial orgnaization. In March the middle ten days of a month, bei Ersi ascends capsize before today, lei Man's brother announces one of quarter finance affairs to report, realize the profit of 489 million dollar. Dan Leiman did not move in time with low asset, when 2 quarterly reports are announced, allege the peace treaty of residential mortgage assets that still has about 30 billion dollar the commercial estate assets of 35 billion dollar. After amalgamative forms for reporting statistics, also cannot lap again of a huge sum concealment deficit, fall down with a loud crash. Occurrence profundity of international money market changes, investor more and more incline to is conservative, claim, "The source that we want to return finance " , ren Zhigang of president of management board of Hong Kong banking expresses: White Scandium touchs an ancient nationality in China of  of Ping of travel of Jiao of ⒕ of another name for Taishan Mountain of Qi of moth iridium provide for to hand in  to save moxibustion of  of mother of closely question of quail of Qian of firm shovel of ィ  Qiu  of Qi of rostellum of collect of adept of  of hey of blind  of U of procuress of dry up of  of health model  hangs miserable  dainty to wrap up sword  brown bear horsefly! The pen guides bite shows call on to carry  cheek dispatch brightness dare  of  of steamed bun small box points to Yi of Cong Yong litter  of Chang of Zi of quail of admire of 4 Du  returns male to protect humorous of  quail banter > act  unexpectedly atmosphere of coat of manganese of live abroad of emperor of  of  of Se of type of instruct ㄗ of δ Cong live abroad, the hand grasps cash, invest the most conservative capital fund, in an attempt to spends severe winter: Gou Mou humorous > be able to bear or endure crouch close whoop lofty of  Qiong drunk sends the brilliant that turn over Shu to crouch close well  of  of ferociousing protruding of  Si paper persuades to step on Ge of  of  assorted  to send hire Guo to bar  of remnant of  of  Zi appraise is opposite a surname of where collate of ⒌ of lazy  of steep Chi Luo, successional to market infuse 20 billion dollar is mixed capital of 50 billion dollar, but interest rate of of the previous night crosses target level high still 2% one times the left and right sides. Of wall street where to detonate a dot to be in next? The likelihood is credit card system, the likelihood is credit break a contact is dropped period, this will be to compare second borrow the bomb with greater power. The United States second the opportunity that borrow danger lets superintend more severe, to finance the asset outside the watch of the orgnaization can have more transparent requirement, of grade orgnaization break one's promise grade will get control. Second borrow the crisis, demonstrative finance is derived article should have definite boundary, and money market incline to is conservative, approbated conservative incline to just about.

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