Gelinsipan: Crisis of U.S. dollor be in harmony hundred years encounter will cau

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American federal lays in Lin Sipan of case of · of Allan of committee former chairman 14 days to say, the United States sink " hundred years encounter " in financial crisis; This crisis causes the possibility of economic depression to increasing. Gelinsipan says when accepting Broadcasting Corporation of American whole nation to interview, this is the place in his profession career sees the most severe banking crisis, the likelihood will still comparative continuously long, continue to affect American estate value. Gelinsipan thinks, this crisis will become continuously " caustic " force, till stability of American estate price comes down; The crisis still will cause the whole world a series of economy are turbulent. The odds that escapes economic depression when United States be askinged about whether when exceeding 5 to become, the answer says Gelinsipan, he thinks this one rate is less than 50% . "I do not believe, incorrect and hypostatic economy causes a hundred years banking crisis that encounters inflict heavy losses on, I think this is occurrent, " he says. Gelinsipan still is forecasted, will orgnaization of more and large finance topples in this crisis.

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