Chen Qizong two old law: Stand fast " 0 indebted " stand fast outback market

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Understand Chen Qizong must of happy from his Chang Jinjin path dinner began 1982. Attend dinner have Chen Qizong and Zheng Jiachun two the home and additionally two. Chen Qizong says, additionally two are at that time likewise Hong Kong reputation is celebrated land agent person, land lays in not less than Xinhong radical. But now, those two closed down, the asset them received constant grand and new world to come over, include to be in debt. "Had known them without the person now, when having a meal, I ask his son to arrive advocate domestic place. Somebody asks me, who are they? "   of   of of Chen Qizong of constant grand real estate " I am very stupid, I do not know when estate is met fall after a rise, do you know? " the person that this is marrow of development of consciousness of a risk, be in outback estate is orgiastic in August 2007 when nearly highest tide, hold to " 0 indebted " the person that politic Chen Qizong faces a query says so. Above also accomplished metaphase of 2007/2008 of real estate of grand of the constant after making an appointment with half an year to report the chairman of aggressive of that it may be said reports -- old take inland and Hong Kong insanity almost the numerous and landed person of the same trades of the ground (Chen Chenzhi is " those " ) extremely acrid rebuke. Cherish curious mood, on September 9, special interview of our newspaper reporter attend in Singapore 2008 Forbes the Chen Qizong of Heng Long landed president of global CEO conference, ask its to publish the original understanding to real estate! Reporter: Global estate is in downturn now, market of Chinese inland house property also looks be like low fan. So to domestic and international investor, do you think where just is their best investment area? Chen Qizong: Still be Chinese inland of course! If market of inland of my bypass China goes investing world other country and area, my general is foolish. India has a lot of to invest an opportunity now. I ever had been to India to make an on-the-spot investigation before 2 years, I am right nevertheless over there sensory not up to much. To me, if my dropt is medium domestic land this big market, then I am extremely foolish really! Chinese inland has a lot of to be worth the opportunity of investment, I am dye-in-the-wood to confidence of Chinese inland market! The world is only such two opportunities: One is the United States western pan times, another Chinese inland that is today! Of course, economy grows likelihood occurrence wave motion, but the economic growth of Chinese inland is long-term for certain up. Consequently investment must be done long-term, do not do short-term, do long-term affirmation can gain money! Reporter: When is you think the best opportunity that invests China? What province of inland is the best place of investment? Chen Qizong: If we are in,a few cities found inland a few good investment chances, (Although be below the circumstance with house property at present fluctuant market) we still are willing to consider; The central a sector of an area that must make sure project of this house property is this city nevertheless perhaps will not become the center that this city flourishs most. Heng Long has very clear investment strategy. Our investment way is very old-fashioned, we should make sure we can earn money. Because of this constant grand inside main investment is in bazaar and advanced office building, and the project of our investment wants build ground city inside most core a sector of an area. Reporter: The house price of the United States and Europe drops ceaselessly now, some areas had dropped to the history new low, you think a few estate business hold to inland say not to depreciate, whether can you maintain very long? Chen Qizong: Do you think outback house price is very high now? House price had been dropped very much. Actually, shanghai house price had fallen before 2 years; Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the house price of big city of a lot of inland had fallen in a year this of in the past not little. I think price of Chinese inland house is impossible to rose again, they cannot have gone high which; What we should pay close attention to now is, house price of inland will low go where! Reporter: Do you think outback house price still can continue to drop? Chen Qizong: I feel likely still. Now, the government had begun to move, they seemed to had adopted the action, but I still dare not affirm completely, some words are so not clear, I am returned some are felt appearing policy signal is after all press or carry. Reporter: Be in next in two years, what kind of investment does Heng Long have to plan? Chen Qizong: Arrive from 2005 2009, heng Long invests a plan with respect to what have 500 million dollar, and land of all the home in investing a project to be in! We invest this is to be before 15 months of set, although economic progress puts delay now, but the project of the long-term investment of I or grand of won't cut constant in Chinese inland!

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