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"Depreciate, depreciate, where be depreciate... , " the bibcock of real estate 10 thousand divisions at delta of the Yangtse River 8 buildings dish announce to depreciate substantially at the same time, cause the market to fix eyes upon. The Pan Shige that serves as a person of the same trade has a view likewise, he thinks 10 thousand divisions are in area of delta of the Yangtse River, obtained short-term decisive victory. On September 15, pan Shige is in rich guest dispatch, depreciate with respect to 10 thousand divisions act makes an evaluation: Although its depreciate,abandon a person of the same trade at disregarding, but go up objectively reclaimed capital of   a huge sum, had " wintry food " good keep out is cold. Pan Shige still depreciates for 10 thousand divisions summed up 5 reason. Had arranged all king stone to climb went   Pan Shige discloses in rich guest, the Wang Shi that loves mountain-climbing " go up again hill " , and just will come back later October, "Look Wang Shi has arranged everything, this plan should be to arrive to just ended in October. " what Pan Shige says in the mouth " this plan " , those who point to is Wang Shi " depreciate plan " . Pan Shige expresses, it is early before a few months, bead of trigonometry residence clinch a deal the quantity has begun to drop significantly, the house price of Shenzhen also drops subsequently, at that time, people still thinks this may be the local problem of Chinese estate market only, everybody is awaiting. But development business those who come is not to trade of the quantity restore, however 10 thousand divisions announce industry bibcock depreciating message. Compare already " had arranged everything " 10 thousand divisions, many development business unaware to this. Pan Shige notices, "The residence of these cities develops business to basically do not have reaction, happen to coincide the ground depreciates actively for 10 thousand divisions action get out of the way the market. The expression of Hangzhou development business more very, they state consistently ' be far from depreciate, be far from 10 thousand divisions ' , let market share submissively to 10 thousand divisions, the market share that strives for the likelihood let 10 thousand divisions thoroughly. " the consequence that   does so, be " 10 thousand divisions are in very short time, sold oneself almost all houses that can sell, " at the same time delta of the Yangtse River, include Hangzhou inside, "Obtained decisive victory. "   forecasts 10 thousand divisions to depreciate sweep across   of Beijing ferry pond to look in Pan Shige, the victory of 10 thousand sections in delta of the Yangtse River, "Did not encounter any development business in the market any resistance, it is oral condemnation and protest only. " and 10 thousand divisions however " took away market share, sale, had moved small market house of valence anticipate the residence that leaves these the city develops him business to fight! "   Pan Shige is forecasted say, be in " after mid-autumn, 10 thousand divisions burn flames of war probably to area of Beijing ferry pond, " and meeting " give priority to with Beijing. " forecast to oneself, pan Shige analyses: "The residential development business of area of and other places of Beijing, Tianjin commercializes degree to compare delta of the Yangtse River, Pearl River delta lower, more slow to the reaction of the market. If 10 thousand divisions are in Beijing, Tianjin,these cities are adopted decisively depreciate measure, regular also meeting hits the development business of these cities unaware, 10 thousand divisions also can win finally certainly. " in the blue print that   depicts for 10 thousand divisions in Pan Shige, after area of pond of ferry of afterwards bead triangle, long triangle, Beijing, 10 thousand divisions are probable again the northeast on north depreciates, begin possibly from Shenyang especially, so far, "In this residence price war, only winner is 10 thousand divisions only. " 10 thousand divisions of   depreciate Pan Shige of   of 5 big reasons depreciates for 10 thousand divisions summed up 5 big reason. One of, from 2006 second half of the year begins, countrywide each city supplied many safeguard sex housing to use the ground, to this year the four seasons is spent, these land will become housing to appear on the market in succession sale. And with lean " action pat hang " the development business posture that obtains land is compared, bilateral " cost is not on same scratch line, " accordingly, "Of housing of sex of this batch of safeguard a large number of appearing on the market that develop business to will form a deathblow to these residences. "   secondly, as a result of " 90/70 " of policy carry out, 180 projects before 10 thousand course are in " 90/70 " in the limits that policy carries out, predict to also will be in the fourth quarter appears on the market this year supply, and when these small family model the residence is in a large number of coming out when, the influence that to the residence development business causes is likewise tremendous. Thirdly, pan Shige thinks, when the safeguard sex housing that basically relies on a government when room of the first ring will finish, that the rest of market share already not much. Last year year end raised the policy that the 2nd ring mortgages curtilage, make the demand acute of room of the 2nd ring is decreased. To residential development business, it is very big blow. Its 4, 2008 countrywide estate develops business collective to be short of money, below the circumstance that does not have other outlet again however, can be forced only but the road that walks along price war. In the market, it is a who strikes first prevails forever, this is 10 thousand divisions " anticipate the enemy " politic. Its 5, the situation of international, home also is one of reasons that before 10 thousand divisions are driven in the others to develop business, act.

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