Xu Jiayin: What worry about building city most is malign depreciate

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Although place Guangzhou is the most flourishing the top class office building of a sector of an area, xu Jiayin's office is not expensive however. Before dawn time, he is wearing clean and common brunet shirt, wear for reporter pour oneself just redemptive Pu'er tea, rise a little at will. "My childhood is unusually impoverished really, but these experience give me the biggest impact more it is a help, was to form particularly assiduous today, rigorous, tough disposition. " Xu Jiayin says. Perhaps, xu Jiayin did not speak " impoverished effect " , still have his successful to the career enthusiastic pursuit, and after having fortune " abandon grant " complex. Hairy steamed bread of corn and unforgettable poineering road   make the home imprint, person of Henan week mouth, once was China a of the poorest estate. "My elementary school is read in doing not have fenestrate cogongrass room, in 6 years, I am to crouch in the attend a lecture on desk of a mud to finish exercise. What sleep when high school in residence is big shop, a bamboo basket is hanged on the wall each, inside all the year round steamed bread of corn is my all commissariat. The winter can eat a week, summer eats 3 days only, still want hairy so. Irrespective, wash wash can eat. " experience of this paragraph of life gave   Xu Jiayin motivation of his deepest life experience and success. To 1998, the career had the ground of Xu Jiayin too impatient to wait of improvement to return native place, contribute with 1 million yuan built hope elementary school -- the home imprints elementary school. Unbeknown is, still have Xu Jiayin by the process of magnate of real estate of exceeding and destitute trend. 1992, the Xu Jiayin that college graduate stayed 10 years in steely company goes to Shenzhen to do poineering work, estate is amounted to to develop firm office vice director, director in having successively held the posts of Shenzhen. 1994, amount to in Shenzhen establish Guangzhou roc to amount to, xu Jiayin takes up the post of legal person to represent, the bead island garden that its develop with " in those days start working, sell in those days, sell in those days " outstanding achievement, be called " bead island effect " . Xu Jiayin one battle becomes famous. 1998, xu Jiayin is founding constant big industrial project of Jin Bihua garden of first Guangzhou after a year, with 686 yuan / the floor price of square metre sells give 2500 yuan / the open quotation price of square metre, "The first pail of gold " accumulate from this finish. Had not thought " head rich " , most what ashamed remorses is wife     " there is the one side that likes business really in my disposition. Memory says the madam later, the job most a few years when begin, I stay in the home to ambulate back and forth in the room, but hear when to having the job, can appear very excited. In 10 years of time of steely company, I had not asked for leave. Ten years this when do poineering work, I also often before dawn came off work at 1 o'clock, be afraid of influence family to rest, sitting room sofa lies to before dawn to went to work at 4 o'clock again. " accept the time that interview, had been that day before dawn, facing a reporter, the extensive in the eye is worn stay up late the Xu Jiayin of hematic silk, begin to open the box of memory. To 2004, value estate market general trends, xu Jiayin begins to consider the whole nation encircles the ground and appearing on the market financing. Say the plan is inside course of study store the ground 4000 more than square metre, financing crosses 16 billion yuan " Chinese head is rich " plan. However, xu Jiayin laughs at character, "From only then come to did not want to cross a rich concept eventually. "     " to me current, the mainest is to be opposite this to raise big child with one's own hands ' constant is big ' responsibility and the pursuit that develop to oneself career. Of so-called money accumulate, already so not important. " Xu Jiayin's childish laugh is worn, "Previously carelessly when, cross mother-in-law to helping patchy broken sock, was given to throw by madam discovery later. She teachs me seriously to say, we do not have that degree, ah. "     " the job is too busy really, most the person that I am sorry, remember orbit meets red person, still be a madam. " speak of to immerse the other in part with foam, the extensive on Xu Jiayin face removes warmth, "She has record of formal schooling, have oneself career, but to take care of me, abandoned. I remember all the time 1995, the madam is sent into emergency treatment room because of ectopic pregnancy, life danger. Work to do not disturb me, she just did not let a doctor call to me. I just am informed from inside friend mouth the following day, the car that opened a many hour goes seeing her, in the heart unusual perturbed. " " I owe her too much, marriage hind is so old, we have quarrel but never had turned over a face truly. Other I dare not say is a company the first, but the feeling of our husband and wife, not boastful say, it is the example that constant adult learns all the time. "   crisis is danger and good luck   however, make the home fortunately imprint when IPO all the way, encountered a trouble really. In a series of fall with certain economic factor accidentally, after the course goes up several years greatly, the footstep of Chinese building city begins backwater. Go is financing still washed out? Of the fated type that this became business of instantly China all development almost examine minutely. If difficulty increases financing to cannot alleviate effectively again increasingly, so is this problem immediate instead " depreciate or die? "     " undeniable, since 2003, china starts price of house of town of prior a gleam of goes too quickly, bring about supply demand relations to cannot have been balanced. Under photograph comparing, the circumstance of second line city will be better. " Xu Jiayin thinks, the government is at present macroscopical one of fundamental wind direction that adjusting control policy still is influence building city, money is constrictive in will be being brought about one round to the capital pressure that development business brings, small development business is cast dish an arrival that shows tide. Xu Jiayin and constant appear up and down greatly and without concealing anything character risk and crisis, "Depreciate to cannot be afraid of, the crisis is danger and good luck, terrible is panicky mood those who cause is malign depreciate, endanger the economic stability of whole country and financial safety. " Xu Jiayin says. Expert opinion, no matter be collaboration, depreciate, abandon project of certain high cost even, inspect the road that constant has walked along to may want with future before this greatly to be able to conclude, the target of estate company has only, save actual strength, go after tall redound. "Because constant is extremely big close inside the high-end property that accuses mechanism, success develops strategic transition, add increasingly mature management group, the possibility that Heng Daping lends natural resources of high grade land to had held out this round of trough is ambitious defeat at what industry guesses ending. This and in those days suitable gallop disparate. " one is close to the company high level with big constant to express.

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