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Poly International Plaza King of Guizhou cost-effective property

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Recently, Poly Real Estate Group officially announced Guizhou Poly International Plaza (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open House units) Island View Waterfront Name】 【home is priced at 8,688 yuan | square meters, the other, arrived to pay 5 million 10 million, the additional 99 fold. Rising property prices in the market today under the low-cost market Poly International Plaza initiatives shocking. Blue Wave Bay, in the water one second-hand housing prices are over ten thousand, and Braun fashion world are sold to the highest price for a 10,008 square meters, the Poly International Plaza is located in the urban core, but also a most high-end projects in Guizhou, Why is starting to be so low? Why do Poly Guizhou pricing, in the end what purpose? Short questions such as these become real estate industry and the concerns of Guizhou Poly Guizhou home buyers are the focus of hot topics.

September 21, Sina Guizhou property editor to interview Poly Real Estate Group sales center in Guizhou Deputy Director Mr. Zhao Yanhai, let him give us answers about the Poly International Plaza "dips into the market" events a variety of questions.

Sina Guizhou real estate: Hi Sam, first of all thank you to accept our interview with Sina Guizhou property. Prices in Guiyang city center under the collective status of Ben million, 8688 yuan | m starting price for the Poly International Plaza Island】 【view is contrary to all expectations, now we most want to know is how the Poly out of the Guizhou considered to be the price? What is the purpose or effect you want to achieve?

Zhao coast: in fact, we have the Poly International Plaza Guizhou Island】 【view the price is fixed relative to the market price is lower and there is no purpose and can not be in pursuit of what effect, we are only in accordance with the usual style of Guizhou Poly to consider, decision. Throughout Poly developed several projects in Guizhou, which are not difficult to find the high cost of projects within the region, such as a spa town gardens opened only when the price of 3000 yuan | m succeed, now price is 5000 yuan has | m more, there is an opening Yunshan the international price of less than 4,000 yuan | square meters, is now close to 6,000 yuan price | m a. There is 22 September opening until the spring of 4038 yuan road from | m, cost too much, the future appreciation of the space is very large.

Poly Guizhou build our current projects in the region where the appreciation of all have a very large space and high cost, which is why we work and willing to achieve a purpose. Poly International Plaza is the case, why should set a relatively low price, you want to achieve? In fact, to give home buyers to create a cost-effective products, while this is a responsibility of our national enterprises.

Sina Guizhou property: Poly Think of the build every project in Guizhou has a certain representation indeed, cost-effective but also that the theme of selling a few items. However, Poly International Plaza is located in one location, but also a top quality project in Guizhou, residential part of the Island】 【also view more than 300 suites, it can be said is the fundamental 不愁卖, such a project difficult to "price" of this words linked together, I still think 8688 yuan | m's starting too do not meet the project's location and in real terms, and for the question Sam how do you think?

Zhao coast: Poly International Plaza, in the view of Island】 【price has not been released before, many people feel that price is certainly one million or more per square meter, but in the end is a few thousand issues, some think it is 10002, the some that is 10,005 more from the fact that speculation is not without basis. Poly International Plaza, a few projects around the Gulf like blue, the water side, Saatchi Monte basically second-hand housing tens of thousands, there is still a large cross Yi House, ZiLinAn larks are also million from fashion world yuan, of which Braun is currently the fashion world's most expensive residential property market in Guizhou, the average price reached 15,000 yuan | ㎡.

Therefore, we predict from Poly International Plaza, have reached more than million is reasonable, but each room open concept and purpose of the enterprise is not the same as Poly as the central rate we need to have some of the leading role in national policy guidance on We can not take the lead to move up prices, but to answer the national call to do a certain role model.

Sina Guizhou and real estate: Zhao Zonggang thousands of those mentioned in the item price only rely on almost all lots and municipal support to support, and the different Poly International Plaza, in addition to lots and municipal facilities, but even more remarkable is the project their own commercial facilities, I would like Sam to give us more specific about the International Plaza, a commercial advantage of this, so that more detailed Sina users can understand.

Zhao coast: Poly International Plaza】 【Island waterfront view home for the entire project, the name is just a part of the private property we will also have five-star apartments, 5A grade A office space, international business and gradually available. Which shops this one, we do not sell only the lease, and will be the top shopping and leisure center, international cinema, air museum, the top private clubs, and other world-class commercial form, so as to ensure that the city create a truly complex. As top shopping and leisure center will bring in international top brands LV, southwest of international cinema will create the largest IMAX theater, a world-class air museum will showcase paintings and so on. The commercial, residential, tourism, office and other for effective integration, fusion of the real estate complex, and strive to create a living area of Guiyang, chief interactive cultural fashion.

Poly International Plaza itself, no copy has the advantage of the natural environment, cultural advantages, advantages and commercial facilities supporting life advantages, chief of Guizhou is located in "hot zone" in combination with our strong real estate development Poly brand, culture, the boutique real estate development strategy The project will build a complex in the city of Guiyang City, the high-end projects. Different types of building and living arrangement, the same state of modern urban living and quality of life, bring new advantages to Guiyang, still life, will become the most cultural atmosphere of Guiyang, the new city of fashion business card temperament.

Sina Guizhou property: Poly International Plaza, Sheung Shui, the geographic location it is upwind, urban rare, but the "hot zone" was still relatively new, Zhao talk about you give us the specific "hot zone" The reason behind the title it.

Zhao coast: the square is the origin of our international perspective, Nanming the most beautiful bay in front of one, has always been a powerful place, enrichment of the Provincial Committee of the opposite. Radiation around one kilometer, Guiyang most exclusive five-star Sheraton Hotel, the most high-end business office rich in the international, the most high-end shopping Lai Star brand, the most high-end dining Harbour Restaurant, 1, clubs, arrows Thistle; Guiyang, the most high-end housing in the water side, Blue Wave Bay, there Jiaxiu Lou, Guiyang Grand Theatre, TV stations nearby.

International Plaza is a location in which the political center, business center, cultural center, high-end convergence center, with large areas of the south gate of the monument will become the new favorites of Guiyang area, this area will be led by Poly International Plaza Guiyang in China and even to enhance the position in the world.

Sina Guizhou property: Poly International Plaza, the market has been a lot of people in the industry to assert that this project will be the most high-end projects in Guizhou, many buyers think so, so the name home waterfront view of Island】 【VIP registration, even if the set accepted the high threshold group did not withstand the thousands of customers to register. Now it cheap open, I can not imagine the opening scene will be more intense when. Well, these are beside the point, and I also want to ask this last question Zhao, commercial facilities on the advantages we have learned, on the residential Island】 【concept has its own characteristics? Clinging to the environment or just the advantage?

Zhao coast: Poly International Plaza Waterfront home 【Name】 Island is a top view of a standard house built to the underlying full-overhead, five-star-home lobby, large units of 16 square meters wide, around the transparent lighting, 20 square meters wide view balcony, walk-in closet, master bedroom 30 square meters of luxury with a balcony to enjoy the biggest gift of 17 square meters.

There are equipped with all imported wall paint, stone, broken bridge aluminum hollow glass, laminated glass, reflective coating balcony railing, running water treatment system and gas boiler heating system, intelligent security systems. Intelligent parking guidance system, etc., so that the owners of the travel more convenient.

We will achieve the ultimate in every detail, not just the owners to enjoy first-class quality of the environment, but also to let owners and property from various architectural details also enjoy first-class service quality.

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