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Interest rate reduces a long time of journey of get warm again after a cold spel

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Clinch a deal the volume drops range is very big. Among them, period room house clinchs a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera dropped 55% , clinch a deal the area dropped 67.4% ; Residence showing a room clinchs a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera dropped 53.2% , clinch a deal the area dropped 59.4% . And, drop compared to the same period not only apparent, even if is with the Olympic Games before 6, in July of the first ten days of a month trade the quantity is compared, also present downtrend.

Trade to alleviate of the quantity glide posture, eliminate the wait-and-see mood of consumer at the same time, a few local government and development business exert all over skill. On one hand, local government begins to publish the policy of get warm again after a cold spell of exciting building city, include to reduce accumulation fund loan head pays scale, derate to trade tax cost, buy a room to give finance the content such as allowance; On the other hand, the bibcock enterprise such as 10 thousand divisions is hit in succession fold sales promotion. But because suffer numerous Likongyin,element is affected, building city trades the quantity did not see apparent get warm again after a cold spell, at the same time of building city dozen fold depreciate unrest already spread to northern city from Shenzhen, Shanghai. It is with Beijing exemple, the capital develops business to be unable to bear the current situation of building city depression, in joining dozen of main forces that folds sales promotion in succession, come.

Inferior data of statistic of orgnaization of a person of extraordinary powers shows, mid-autumn around, beijing hits the project that folds sales promotion to amount to 229. Among them ocean landscape project is one-time roll out room of 100 special offer, and hit folding length to spend achieved 63 fold, favourable extent is breathtaking; Project of center of the north on East Asia was rolled out in September " young buy course of study plans " , can enjoy lump-sum payment 9 fold, remove valence 7900 yuan of privilege. If other old item is suitable gallop condition of emperor of blue air, Pearl River also rolls out special offer room with all sorts of name, give out unprecedented privilege. In addition, still a lot of projects let benefit sell with all sorts of name.

Inferior Wang Ying of vise general manager of orgnaization of a person of extraordinary powers male think, building city can appear dozen of situation that folds sales promotion wind to grow in intensity, do not decrease besides strength of adjusting control measure, outside still having element of specific ministry of substandard of the intent that save city, still reach sale psychology to have very big concern with the actual condition that develops business oneself. It is most development business catenary of the capital below the circumstance that controls credit strictly in the bank is more and more nervous, 2 it is current building city environment makes development business confidence serious insufficient, most development business anticipates to what building city did not come 9 years hold pessimistic attitude. Here setting falls, development business nature places the hope in sale item to answer a paragraph to go up quickly, accordingly, hit the project as one falls that folds sales promotion, and strength is greater and greater also.
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