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Street Xiang Nayan extends finance of the beach outside Shanghai to develop with

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Yellow Pu Jiang is faced east, arrive on the west in Henan road, people road, China garden market place surrounds Lu Sang the area that close, bank river bank line is long about 4. 8 kilometers, always make an appointment with with ground area 2. 6 square kilometer. Of fountainhead of culture of the ground that its north opens port for Shanghai, modern city outside beach source, the south is join with photograph of house of world rich assembly room, along line of Huang Pu river bank " gold water bank " area.

Nevertheless, main assemble is in the financial industry of Shanghai now area of mouth of Pudong land home, had the formulation of city of finance of land home mouth. The orgnaization of of all kinds finance that is set in Pudong at present had achieved 509, 90 % above is centered in division of trade of banking of land home mouth.

Nevertheless, yellow riverside area appoint clerical Wang Wentao expresses, in Chinese reforming and opening 30 years during, the beach is reproducing effect of financial industry assemble stage by stage outside. Current, the finance of beach area puts a quantity to already took shape outside. Data shows, this one area had collected many 200 finance relevant orgnaization, among them the orgnaization of of all kinds finance such as market of national banking element, bank, negotiable securities, insurance 75. 2007, industry of beach area banking finishs area total output value to exceed 17.8 billion yuan outside.

According to the program, "Beach finance assemble is taken outside " will be with city of finance of land home mouth on functional fixed position implementation amlposition is complementary, develop in coordination, give priority to body with finance on the whole, industry of assemble development banking and the industry of contemporary service line of business that cover suitably, important finance orgnaization and foreign capital headquarters offer market of element of finance of development of mouth of the home that it is land, assemble service, the key attracts negotiable securities, fund, investment the intermediary orgnaization such as the financial orgnaization such as service of bank, asset management, financing and accountant office, attorney office, development becomes the asset management that has main effect domestic and internationally, capital to run center and financial service center. As we have learned, yellow riverside area is deepening program, improvement next traffic gives a condition, clutch south outside the development of land early days of area of beach and other places and job of sell one's own things, advance business affairs Lou Yu to build, and optimize the respect such as service of form a complete set to adopt measure, accelerate assemble to be the contemporary service line of business of core with finance, assemble of finance of the beach outside making is taken.

Wei of week of warden of yellow riverside area still expresses, yellow riverside area rolls out exploration the new financial product that serves for financing of medium and small businesses and financial tool, the gather bond that includes to issue medium and small businesses, perfect loan assures specific measure, establish medium and small businesses to help each other model assure fund, establish medium and small businesses to develop fund, give medium and small businesses loan pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange etc.
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