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Start shooting of city of Beijing Shanghai building clinchs a deal the quantity

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, spread to Beijing. At the beginning of September, beijing appears depreciate model special offer room, development business thinks " house price will be returned 2005 " , in swaying in the midst of a raging storm, the fort " with the soliddest " of city of building of inland of two China of Beijing Shanghai is tumbledown.

And this, the likelihood is the prelude that city of a building guards battle only- - depreciate through small, arouse potential rigid demand, protect trade quantity, protect the market, live firmly the price. So, can be they attracted trade enoughly measure?

Our newspaper reporter to Shanghai of near future Beijing current situation of city of two ground floor spreads out investigation analysis.

Shanghai phenomenon

Many development business brews follow-up depreciating

Intermediary pulls guest hurried building dish sale

"Hello, the house that sees the 10 thousand divisions opposite side, "Be in ground of 3 Lin Ban gold nugget before bay catchment project, reporter last weekend by by motorcycle the boy was blocked, he is 10 thousand divisions aureate elegant built agential Han Yu's landed clerk.

And be in aureate elegant before building a selling office, still collecting 10 many clerks. Among them a clerk says, their company is taken over elegant do not build a month, sell gave 100 several houses. He says elegant build fast Qing Dynasty dish, persuade a reporter to want to buy buy rapidly, there still is 100 thousand yuan privilege now.

Han Yu is landed, because of acting as agent division of 10 thousand divisions issues a building dish, the Shanghai this locality of setting of this harbor endowment is secondhand house broker company is the closest by the person hep. And understand according to the reporter, since this year, a lot of development business of Shanghai chose with secondhand acting company linkage is pushed dish politic. Below the effort of acting company, of photograph adjacent aureate elegant build and bay catchment spread out close-fitting fight hand-to-hand, two projects depreciate to be controlled to 14000 yuan in succession / smooth rice, drove 3 of Lin Ban piece clinch a deal quantity.

The part develops business to consider depreciating in the dark

The act that depreciates considerably to 10 thousand divisions, loose Jiang Jiuting board piece one project is considering to accept a group to buy, had rolled out privilege because of the adjacent project that protect benefit.

Chen Cheng of room index general manager thinks in, development business pressure does not consider Shanghai this locality too big, because they are outspread step is not big, unlike the company of a gleam of such as ground of 10 thousand divisions, gold in that way pressure comes from the whole nation.

But basis the data of research organization of bless power estate, shanghai is gotten those who drop is Dahuaji the project below round banner. According to be close to big China personage analysis, big China the project is in Shanghai centrally, and opposite concentration is in in annulus, if sell badly bad, sell a little bit pressure is relatively great. And big China concerned controller expresses, moving valence is made according to the market, and mix in the light of a few special floor only door model.
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