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Is building city in get warm again after a cold spell? The price of Shenzhen bri

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Commodity house sells whole all valence is 13428.99 yuan / square metre, go up compared to the same period 4.99% . From each months of price fluctuant case looks, 3, 4, successive in May 3 months occurrence annulus is compared drop, 6, 7, house price appeared in August pick up, it is 12681 yuan respectively / square metre, 16198 yuan / square metre, 14449 yuan / square metre. Deduct a person of extraordinary powers of partial low density curtilage project, 6, 7, 3 8 months are average housing all price appears to go up successively raise posture, it is 11159 yuan respectively / square metre, 12387 yuan / square metre mixes 12803 yuan / square metre.

In the meantime, sale still keeps low a level, sale area was two hundred and eighty thousand two hundred square metre only August, increase twenty-two thousand nine hundred square metre than July. 1 to Shenzhen city built commodity house to sell gross area in August 2.257 million square metre, decrease compared to the same period 51.29% . Among them, the residence sells an area two million and sixty-eight thousand seven hundred square metre, decrease compared to the same period 50.52% .

Wang Feng of vice director of research center of Shenzhen city estate expresses, what the government wants to maintain adjusting control policy on one hand is successional with long-term sex, avoid policy " Hu Song is tightened suddenly " ; Want the target of market of estate of adjusting control of reasonable and affirmatory government on the other hand, encourage the implementation of demand of housing of average resident family.

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