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The Central Bank lowers interest is to save city or wind direction of city of th

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Anticipate, lower interest and do not mean a government to had moved to save building city. International finance situation still austere, wall street is illustrious and famous in former days 5 cast greatly row, be in eventually second in pressing storm shake to be less than one year, drop thirdly. Lei Man's brother goes bankrupt, the domino causes share price to drop greatly, be exclamationed by media " great depression " to follow is worn feline pace and come. Accordingly, this the Central Bank is added breath, understandable to save economy, is the city that save a building not only.

But building city still should save oneself instinctively, "Fashionable " inside whole real estate " summary of conference of Song Shanhu of 10 thousand divisions " , although be clarified publicly to be by 10 thousand divisions " the netizen is fabricated " , but still became the personage inside numerous course of study " read a file surely " , the mainstream that still a fact heads with 10 thousand divisions namely develops business to already took the lead in depreciating. Shipment, clutch shipment! Rangmoke was done this again in countrywide landed bound " be the first eldest brother " .

Take the lead in depreciating as collective of mainstream room look forward to, this brought difficult problem to look forward to of the Xiaofang in majority, because depreciate,be " Shuang Renjian " , ever the enterprise depreciates sales promotion, cause rise in revolt of collective of early days owner, bring about owner collective to retreat a room to make the enterprise is close to closing down. A variety of elements make development business subjective although have,go up depreciate demand, but objective actual strength makes its come true hard, from the enterprise safe angle considers, they can be concealed to depreciating more or deny.

The city of Central Plains building of second line city also is affected, show gradually as what beg posture for be more than, consumer is wait-and-see, sale speed puts delay, a few projects begin to covert dozen fold. An apparent phenomenon is, the like a rising wind and scudding clouds that the group buys, if say once if the alliance that chop valence lets develop business to be unhappy, so the VIP client that develops business recruit today, such-and-such meeting, let benefit actively at specific client group; And each becomes the person that buy a room expert, buy a room to be able to look for alliance, owner can hold water on QQ between one night group. This already became characteristic of the next when Zhengzhou building city.

Await " copy a bottom " became a kind to expect. But when to see a bottom, it is to cannot foreknow however. Take once " ground king " for, the brunt that had disappeared to once contended for photograph capturing land this year people, land sheds mark frequency to show, those who take the ground is more some rare those who appear is medium Xiaofang look forward to. Notable is, look forward to of countrywide mainstream room is in take the lead in depreciating when steam again capital, in land market almost collective disappear from the scene. "Sell a building not to buy the ground only " , be by what ground of figure of the personage inside course of study says " capital is flowed into completely " , concealed shows big alligator people the tacit understanding of hibernate of preparation of steam again capital, this is in in last few years in domestic estate market very infrequent.
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