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Beijing building city shows problem plot open sealed tenders to exceed half an y

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Win the bid certainly unit

Beijing land arranges reserve center website to show, arrange lot of airport of Zhu of justice area day at formal on December 19, 2007 open sealed tenders, mutual at that time include city of Beijing city building, Beijing to leave wait for 6 domestic companies to participate in bid, among them two bid the unit is combine.

"The time that land invite public bidding announces a result can be commonly in mark book clear. " city of Beijing overseas Chinese (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) (forum album door model between example) Song Xiang of sale center chief inspector China tell a reporter, arrive to win the bid finally certainly from open sealed tenders when the unit is not fixed, but make an appointment with a month to be able to decide basically commonly. And understand according to the reporter, beijing passed the land of sell one's own things of invite public bidding last year, win the bid finally certainly unit time majority is half month.

Reporter at this point land of problem advisory Beijing arranges department of reserve center market, concerned staff member expresses not to understand particular case, but bade like this kind what still do not have open sealed tenders one many year is very little, particular case should Xiang Shunyi divides a center to understand.

Subsequently, arrange justice cent when the staff member accepts a reporter to interview related the center, express, the spot bade this plot on December 19 afternoon last year, say normally should 9 weeks give a result, but this plot has some of problem, do not have method to win the bid certainly all the time so unit, cannot disclose as to specific reason, the information that can announce from the website only will understand relevant progress.

Open sealed tenders exceeds half an year, plot yesterday " disappear suddenly "

Yesterday, this plot arranges home page of reserve center website suddenly from Beijing land " hand in movability condition " disappear in the column, "Trade result " this plot also was not found in the column. To this plot " disappear suddenly " , beijing land arranges reserve center website to also did not explain. Because cannot be contacted,participate in bid unit, our newspaper reporter cannot be learned bid the true opinion of the unit.

As we have learned, this plot is first open sealed tenders of Beijing exceeds half an year, had not won the bid certainly the land of the unit.

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