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Building city pessimism spreads abandon valence to also protect a quantity hard

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Be in 16 days to flaunt one's superiority one day, morrow weighs defect namely miserable green. Tremendous to be in hope is short of the market that break, foreground to anticipate pessimistic market, month of the person that offer a room offers what indebted extent all does not exceed 0.9% to lower interest, the desire to buy that stimulates a people hard looks. Below action of environment of the international of not changeable, impassable, home, the desire buying a room of people glides likely even further. Below this kind of state, "Abandon valence to protect a quantity " look be like also hard be successful: In August, some gallops with low the famous development business of home market, its push a building newly dish sale, only before its new of dish of sale very one of left and right sideses; August, the whole nation builds the residence " price quantity drops together " ...

Arrive to been force for the development business of the corner, "11 " will be their last this year hope. Most development business is expected can be in " 11 " achieve outstanding achievement of best this year sale, in order to alleviate capital crisis, solve live problem. In promotion quality of product of service, promotion and all sorts of " beautiful type " the circumstance of already main be no longer in force issues sale, "Abandon valence " can saying is development business can the unique skill protecting a life of put to good use, if this is enrolled also hard " protect a quantity " , so business of a few development will hard " protect a life " .

Whether had estate market arrived so hazardous condition? May not!

" abandon valence to protect a quantity " look be like hard be successful, below the circumstance that spreads at domestic and international pessimism, the psychological price with former customer is down again, and development business did not catch this one vicissitude of the market quickly, continue according to before the consumer psychology price that has felt undertakes " abandon valence " , its sell the effect to sell at a discount greatly of course; Continue as to those " abandon " oneself the building of the psychological price that is not consumer dish, occasion of course more cold and cheerless. Substantial, below current market situation, "Abandon valence " still be " protect a quantity " the most important step. Just, at present the market a day 3 change, this " abandon " " valence " , those who want price of follow consumer psychology is fluctuant more apace reaction, "Abandon valence " extent is enough catch up with of consumer psychology price fluctuant, ability arises " protect a quantity " the effect, "Jin Jiuyin 10 " ability likelihood is the small warm time in severe winter season.

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