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Building city holds money to wait for the person that buy: Two tactics of a hear

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Resting trend, make them cannot make the decision that buys a room immediately. Look first, price waiting for a room falls to move again to likely psychological price, wait to depreciate even " bottom " appear to move again, become the choice of many person that buy a room.

It is since this year economic big environment is not perfect, house price goes low all the way, clinch a deal below atrophic circumstance, consumer walks along the view of situation to house price general be expected to fall, the market consumes the refreshment of confidence, need a longer process apparently. The Central Bank is newest come on stage aim to undertake loan untie a person to the industry such as estate " double fall " measure, fail to raise the consumptive confidence of the person that buy a room, the relevant network findings of sina house property shows, the netizen that participates in investigation partly nearly thinks on the high side of whole of Guangzhou house price, the netizen that has 75.4% thinks price of house of below one phase can continue to drop, price of house of Guangzhou of the city after only the netizen of 8.47% thinks can stop drop rebound.

And the statistical data of website of sunshine home predestined relationship also shows, to 15 days 3 days of Guangzhou finished holiday only mid-autumn on September 13 skill residence autograph makes an appointment with 225, report gives wait-and-see mood still grumous.

Basis 6, Guangzhou residence clinched a deal in July area, industry of city of building of judgement of the expert inside numerous course of study already gradually get warm again after a cold spell, the base of house price is appearing. And for the person buy a room of rigid to a lot of having demand, valence is not current house to cannot bear completely, but the good price in be apart from their heart still has a paragraph of distance. In the investigation of a network that in sina house property this advancement goes, be as high as 93% suffer the person that visit to think, reasonable price is in the house price of Guangzhou 5500-7000 yuan / between square metre. House price still can fall, buy earlier be in an unfavorable situation more, can regret more. This kind of idea already was become many the collective conclusion of the person that buy a room purposely, become them to defer the action basis that buys a room.

Those who support this kind of idea is the sequence incident of near future happening: Ignoranting Pi Ba Shuo pigheaded? is numerous because early days owner buys room opportunity mistake, hundred thousands of yuan loss is brought about inside short time; The price index that upsurges since this year, the finance that the whole world sweeps across before be being added is queasy, economy is constrictive, "Too close life " pressure is greater and greater; A large number of new money in building city are opening carry out into city in succession, house price compares low, lower and lower, in buyer's market, not anxious cannot buy a room.
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