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Building city reason " hibernate " conduce market rehabilitate

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pillar industry, in China the city is changed and the big setting of rapid development issues economy, develop a few more quickly, it is very regular job originally. Be in early in July 2003, adjusting control signal already was given out namely in the center of, because orgnaization of a few finance magnified,fry the support of room force to speculation, conspire with them even (if help holiday of development business “ mortgage ” ) , and the wanton hype in current link, make the price all the way raise, gradually deviate reason orbit, move for long in perch. This kind of bubble is changed, also harmed the reasonable demand of housing market.

The bubble of estate market, likelihood greatly the financial forms for reporting statistics of beautification enterprise, but not can abiding. Business of of all kinds development good and evil people mixed up, in the process that accumulates in this round of bubble, mostly basin full earthen bowl is full. But, this kind of fortune is accumulated it is cost in order to harm the market. In such moment, a gleam of develops business, especially the bibcock enterprise of the industry, should make example really.

Do example, want can clear cognitive bubble evil consequence, form rational market option. Show in macroscopical economy cycle, press hard on of housing banking policy, and market demand is low fan, when wait-and-see sentiment is strong, those who develop business is active depreciate, what faced up to market demand already is faint, also satisfied current and actual rigid demand, it is choice of a kind of strategy.

In a golden company recent report points out, outclass of eye anteroom price is general family but susceptive is reasonable level, average household still cannot the house price with current load. The fact with room demand serious atrophy is bought inside 2008, wear in test and verify the judgement of this one report. Undoubted, the market that lacks demand is game foot certainly, and should stimulate demand, need the effect that develops price lever.

Look further, develop business mediumly to be in predicament of “ hibernate ” at present for, cash shedding is a soft costal region. Apparent, maintain faster ready money to flow with inferior indebted rate, it is the main reason that the enterprise can show itself in competition. Far-sighted enterprise, would rather outstanding achievement is contractive, also want to emphasize security. Accordingly, development business realizes certain cash reserve in a bank to flow with depreciating means, can yet be regarded as a kind of appropriate is politic.

Undoubted, from the point of long-term demand, chinese estate market still can keep exuberant. But ” of “ cold current was encountered today when real estate, development business people how should choose for catenary of the capital on add, in fact they already acted with their reason, did an answer. Development business is hit fold the reason of this kind of business that sells a room, it is one kind saves oneself not only, to estate market anabiosis and repair, have all in all meaning likewise.
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