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The Central Bank lowers interest short-term difficult " save " Dongguan building

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Cost person confidence

The two rate of " that carry out newly to the Central Bank reduce " policy, force of Dongguan city culmination connects estate to develop pace of Zhu Bi of manager of limited company sale to express, a few positive signal release the near future ceaselessly, bigger to restoring the meaning of market confidence, but be in short-term inside the possibility of stimulative sale increase sharply is not large, because this won't make,current Dongguan building city produces essential sex to change.

"This the Central Bank reduces two rate basically is what make in the light of economic atmosphere of our country whole countryman is decision-making, not be the act that is aimed at real-estate industry. This one policy conduces to the question with the difficult financing that reduces medium and small businesses to be faced with, but to real-estate industry, signal meaning is more than drive action actually. "Hua Na is believed in (group) Chen Feng of assistant manager of department of sale of market of Dongguan limited company points out, although,two rate are reduced cannot from go up at all pull move each building dish sales volume, but the confidence that is helpful for enhancing consumer.

"Lower interest can regard the signal that saves city as. "Estate of international of city of Dongguan city star develops Liang Lijun of chief inspector of limited company sale to think, "Although the has received very hard effect inside short time, but lowering interest this is the action that can remove ' to save city ' to macroeconomic market. The financing cost of the enterprise drops, investment is enthusiastic and sure rise. Additional, when the problem of market of anteroom real estate, it is the common people that economy is affected and brings about is opposite those who anticipate income is ungodly, and the expression with the market insufficient confidence that real-estate trade policy brings about, improve to trade policy from economic situation, consumer information regression also needs a process. Of course, lower interest to be able to shorten on certain level for certain estate adjusts cycle, make estate market walks out of current difficult position as soon as possible. Make estate market walks out of current difficult position as soon as possible..

Analysis: Other element still squelchs the demand that buy a room

The upbeat mood photograph that develops business with estate is compared, the consequence that to " two rate reduce " policy behaves landed research organization relatively pessimisticly.

Add up to market of company of rich brilliant Dongguan to study department manager Lin Yuqun to say, the fall of loan interest rate is helpful for cost of landed industry financing reduce, the person that also be helpful for buying a room reduces cost. But with respect to estate market character, such benefit won't produce too big impact very much, main reason depends on: Above all, lowering interest this is not to be aimed at estate market; Next, the room does not borrow interest rate to cause the weak city state of Dongguan, however consumer is insufficient to market confidence, this interest rate is adjusted cannot act well on the fountainhead of estate; Again, this one policy not can from go up at all the capital shortage problem that solves the market to go up, because this also will surely not have to room city,carry display vigour apparently to use.
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