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Air conditioning of summertime moving office building is due detail regulation

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Total now national capital is doing energy shortage to experience day, our numerous people wants the appeal resource conservation, qingdao municipal government returns an appeal everybody moves air conditioning temperature to 26- - 27 degrees, what do not move is too low, will reduce bad news report with this.

Qingdao the weather June still does not have a day of highest air temperature to exceed 25 to spend till now, but some office building had begun in overcast and rainy to run central air conditioning on June 16, highest air temperature of this day just 22 degrees. So let us want, central air conditioning moves below so low air temperature, run air conditioning at many degrees 30 weather relatively, that power is not to need very strong, but place collection charge is same, such, have pair of owner again (consumer) the suspicion of fraudulent action.

If Qingdao city does not have pair of summer office building,run time of central air conditioning has formulary word, the individual thinks to should set, should stipulate air temperature achieves certain degree, last two days above, can in the center of open air conditioning.

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