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Global economic fluctuation produced tremendous negative effect to economic progress of China, constrictive adjusting control policy does not have any relaxation evidence as before, the trend that overall economy puts delay is being strengthened. However, be based on Shanghai international position and favorable investment climate, office building market continues to maintain driving demand. Add newly supply all is shown with the quantity that rent rise steadily trend, hire whole maintains on raise posture.
Use property research center according to Chinese business (COPT of the following abbreviation) data investigation shows, accumulative total of market of office of before 5 months added the supply of about 400 thousand square metre, but because get financial industry and service line of business are much the drive of demand, active hired business to alleviate beforehand the influence of supply increase sharply. And go up in the fixed position of potential tenant, if the times is financial center, medium,add supply newly the market that edifice of blue sky of jasper of be in harmony, broken bits hits bank large building and edifice of tall treasure finance is politic each are not identical, this lets center of banking of land home mouth issue not malign competition in the premise with bristly office building. And the market is in to the demand of Pu Xi office building be faced with Pudong area to be added newly supply competition to fall to still keep exuberant.
The business affairs cost of Shanghai is high be in recent years Shanghai economy developing a difficulty. The economic posture that Shanghai develops continuously is attracting the big company of a large number of foreign capital and other place to swarm into Shanghai, add the business chance that Shenbo brings successfully, make labour force and land cost of two big factor of production rises quickly. Land price is high, workshop hire is exorbitant, cost of labour force compensation is high, the price year after year of these factor of production rises, make business affairs cost is climbed ceaselessly litre. Current, cost of Shanghai business affairs already row world the 14th.
Because rise of hire quickly,face and demand of yard place area enlarges place to bring the pressure that reduces operation cost ceaselessly, be as high as 45% ~ to make hire cost has of 50% cut, the understand sex that and consider the road transportation that Shanghai advances ceaselessly brings, more and more transnational corporation begin to go to office place focusing between annulus of China and foreign countries, if IBM is moved to Zhang Jiang this month. In addition, area of business affairs of tradition of a few blame also the advantage because of traffic, the gets an enterprise primely favour of character. If always amount to international edifice, although lie area of not popular flowers and trees, be in however those who roll out is 6 short the success inside the month came true to exceed 75% enter rate.

Add newly supply concentration to appear on the market, mature area still gives priority to force
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