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Office building is marred how to manage after world shake calamity compensate

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The requirement on aseismatic to the building now design is to be able to accomplish small shake not bad, shake can be repaired in, big shock does not fall. That is to say injury of nondestructive of the building after small earthquake makes a surprise attack, classics of the building after the earthquake of moderate strength is maintained simply can continue to use, the building after earth shake wants to be able to not fall, assure the safety of personnel. Actually, if present building can be strict if undertake construction according to the design and assuring quality, 7 class earthquake ought to won't cause too big damage. In this special subject, we also collect the experience with a few aseismatic buildings that the earthquake on the world sends country and area more or practice, as a way of is drawn lessons from.

Japan: Law builds convoy for aseismatic room

Our neighbour Japan is country of world-renowned seismic much hair, whole world magnitude is in the earthquake of above of 6 on the Richter scale, 20 % above happens in Japan. Japanese government was made a series of law, in the building the requirement of the security aspect such as aseismatic, fire prevention is very strict. Japan " build standard method " regulation, japanese high level is built must can resist the violent temblor of above of 7 on the Richter scale. Made 1978 " massive earthquake the way to deal with a situation is special measure law " . Among them, construction project undertakes aseismatic fortify strictly according to aseismatic requirement.
In the meantime, be in Japan, a lot of high-level apartment most and high-level office building made the aseismatic design of coequal level. Additional, the laminose balata of natural balata system was used in the midsection of the building. In crack degree when happening for the earthquake of 6, but the building suffer force to decrease to 1/2. Building of layer of a kind of freeboard uses aseismatic device, those who use is the sticky elastomer of similar balata, this device can cause blast reduce joltily 40% , can raise aseismatic ability at the same time. Recently, japan developed a kind the name is " local flotage " aseismatic system, prop up whole structure at the flotage of water in the have the aid of on traditional and aseismatic tectonic foundation namely. According to Japanese media coverage, common and aseismatic structure opens the superstructure of the building and foundation depart, prop up a building with the intermediate means that joins balata interlining and damper.

The United States: Timberwork building becomes market main trend

The United States because district span is big, geological structure is complex, it is country of an earthquake much hair. In recent years, the United States is average and annual build the residence to have 1.5 million, timberwork builds a system since dominant position is held since 1830. On the history, the limits of this one word is from 1.3 million go to 1.8 million. Additional, this has 200 thousand ~30 every year among them 10 thousand building the residence is to use timberwork. 2001 of individual residence have rate achieve 67.8 % .
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