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Aseismatic standard may sell a dot newly into office building

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Concerned branch is newest on May 26, 2008 statistic: Building of this second earthquake collapse exceeds 16 million. On May 22, 2008 news: "National rescuing group: Getting together is reinforcing steel bar far from inside concrete of source middle school " . ...
In earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, dead person tens of thousands of, countless of become destitute and homeless. Seismic expert shows to the analysis of all previous earthquake, the 95% above of personal casualty gross are caused by building collapse, only inadequacy grade of coast of body of the flood that causes by earthquake and earthquake directly, hill gives birth to calamity to bring about the personal casualty of 5% . While the whole nation pulls the life in heart remains, everybody's look on the problem that focusing is building quality, the house should bear fruit more, is common people ability safe and sound?

Earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River is head and shoulders above fortify standard

" level of state of People's Republic of China, build aseismatic design standard " Zhong Wenchuan, north plain, Jiang Yan's building is aseismatic fortify intensity is 7. The intensity of this earthquake achieves 10 degrees to go to 11 degrees, the building that exceeded a regulation greatly is aseismatic fortify standard, draw near especially epicentral building, the majority can collapse, belong to normal phenomenon. " -- concerned earthquake expert says so.
"The proposal raises aseismatic fortify standard " , chinese structure designs a Great Master, former Sun Fang of architect of project of construction of central television tower hangs down the gentleman says, "With in those days Tang Shan earthquake is different, our country has had actual strength to finish this task, aseismatic to whole structure system undertakes a reappraise, and undertake to calamity city evaluate in detail, the fortify standard of our country " small shake is not bad, shake can be repaired in, big shock does not fall " need locates afresh. And inside the heavy disaster area that produces calamity often, the proposal does not build a city. The proposal does not build a city..
On May 24, 2008, housing and Huang Wei of undersecretary of ministry of urban and rural construction express, aseismatic standard also can raise the national building with old continue to use, will build the aseismatic ability of the building in order to increase henceforth. It is reported, at present already hundreds expert discusses new building in research aseismatic standard.
The purpose that raises aseismatic standard the first depend on safe consideration, still depend on pair of city construction and the protection that build resource. One class registers country of no less than what Yu Zhixiong says structural engineer: "Prevent be more than treat. Not be the city of heavy disaster area, no matter size shake, we hope to make sure the building does not have as far as possible any attaint, because the cost of repair is potential,be in than building moment the cost that consolidate respect throws more is even huge. So our hope has this respect a better policy safeguard. So our hope has this respect a better policy safeguard..
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