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Property perplexes business to live to serve amphibiously

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The country had promulgated the property government measure of residential village, office building is done not have however. Business lives amphibious building is a kind of new living form more, both certainly will forms a kind " contrary " . Business lives amphibious building cannot the property government measure of village of residence of direct apply mechanically, this to property company character no more than is check of one final examination, how to adjust good dweller is mixed the interest of business door, the maintenance that is like pair of public facilities, maintain the number increases; Person specially assigned for a task is expedited to be in charge of the measure such as guard elevator waiting during commute, a variety of a series of the problem is perplexing property personnel. How has property handled the interest of every owner?
Interviewed a few business that are located in sunny area to live amphibious apartment, major resident states business lives amphibious very no-go, property serves often attend to one thing and lose another. The reporter was arranged roughly in the light of the report of the user, when to react from before property serves the key that should notice integratedly.

Elevator jam degree can is likened to spring carry

The king Mom that lives in 16 tells a reporter: "When we buy this house at that time, flourishing dry whats go to the lavatory here. Now inside the building a lot of opening of the company, the person is particularly much, buy dish to come back to do an elevator to be squeezed every morning namely terrible. Buy dish to come back to do an elevator to be squeezed every morning namely terrible..
The apartment that king aunt place stays has 23, every have size to differ door model 10, if be the residence only, 3 elevator are enough and contented daily need, but there is the house of the half to use as almost inside the building now,business is used, the person of discrepancy is particularly much, the person that brings about the fluctuation that controlled partly at 8 o'clock is particularly much, elevator is very crowded.

Neighbour changes degree decorates faze civilian often

The small Wangxiang's reporter that is engaged in IT expresses, he buys this room at the outset with respect to road he leaves a company particularly close, can sleep more everyday meeting, who knows to often sleep instead bad. Xiaowang often works overtime late night, what often rise in the morning is particularly late. Xiaowang this building company of a lot of new-blown, they are decorated can affect oneself, and these companies often do not leave to change, changed even new decorate.
The reporter still went designedly the floor that Xiaowang is in, a company is in as it happens construction, corridor has been held by sand timber, electric saw sound, knock as one falls breaking sound, the flavour lump of rare makings, paint, fume what the head goes up the person is giddily.
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