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Shuffle draw near, discard of ecbolic superior bad

Compere: Execute new " byelaw " later, what kind of change will market of Chinese property service have? What kind of influence will high quality property service level bring to estate market?

Ma Yongjian: New " matter right law " , " property regulation " will bring property to serve reform undoubtedly, be located in property company the position of server surely by former governor, introduce mechanism of superior bad discard, make more and preeminent property company offers good service for owner.

High quality property serves a level, to owner character, can promote property character apparently, satisfy the improves living condition demand that owner grows ceaselessly, be helpful for abounding life of owner spirit culture, promote owner life character; To developing business character, can establish good company image to develop business, raise the competition ability of the market.

Castigatory " property regulation " , made clear the service quality of property management, make property company live for oneself must optimize a service project, raise service level and competitive ability, make property management company go commercialize, specializationing is the development road that dimensions changes even. Accordingly, property company will is faced with shuffle, show pattern of superior bad discard.

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