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Property turns “ into the service by “ management ””

Compere: " property regulation " carry out be about to four years, after revising new " byelaw " will begin to carry out at rising on October 1 this year. This new " byelaw " executive day and " matter right law " undertake at the same time, what kind of meaning having?

Ma Yongjian: Basis " the State Council about revising < property regulation > decision " (the State Council makes the 504th) relevant provision, " property regulation " editing is to suit will begin to carry out at rising on October 1 this year " matter right law " the building of owner of “ of the 6th chapter is divisional the relevant provision of droit ” and revise simply what make, advocate if go up to make sure administrative regulations is mixed a law " matter right law " the oneness between.

This second after revising new " byelaw " main in Yu Xinzeng government of people of street agency, villages and towns is establish owner congress direct branch, increased the limits of the own right of owner, made clear the powers and authorities of office of relevant section, right old " byelaw " relevant provision was added newly more scientific and reasonable wait with rigid executive standard, but this also is ” revises simple “ adaptability only. And the place of the largest bright small hole, it is a basis " matter right law " concerned regulation, “ ” of property management company repairs instead “ property to serve enterprise ” , repair ” of “ owner convention instead “ to manage ” of stipulations of an agreement, “ owner temporarily “ of convention ” long instead manages ” of stipulations of an agreement temporarily.

Property company serves ” by “ of instead of “ management ” , the ” of new “ fixed position that is pair of property companies and owner relation. This place is revised is the change on the name not merely, it is the ” of “ v/arc a person's status that the government limitted property company clearly more, the property that made clear property company is management of service and rather than, indicating property management is proper be in charge of mode from the room of sex of traditional administration welfare the change to socialization, specializationed service mode. Property company was torn down eventually the “ of “ director ” subdues ” , changed the ” of “ long gown of ” of village “ public servant. I think this is meddlesome, conduce to the identity that lets property company know his soberly, conduce to property company scrupulouslying abide by the duty inside the portion.

At the same time ” of stipulations of an agreement of government of “ of instead of ” of “ owner convention also has deep connotation, meaning owner convention is the regulation that everybody makes an appointment to be abided by self-consciously not merely, the regulation that must abide by however, gift owner convention is certain mandatory.
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