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From 1981 Shenzhen city establishs the first property management company of domestic, to 2003 " property regulation " come on stage, chinese property managed an industry to experience the 20 phase that do not have national regulations for years. To nowadays, property management regards our country as burgeoning transition sex industry, experiencing the room from sex of traditional administration welfare to be in charge of mode the change to socialization, specializationed modern management pattern. This year October, new " property byelaw " will with " matter right law " carry out at the same time, village owner people whether is dimension authority enraged by the meeting more sufficient? How will industry of Chinese property government grow? Go up this the first studio invites card professional personage, undertake unscrambling for the netizen.

Mobile plan: Qi of article of Ke Peng the Tang Dynasty

Compere: Tang Wenqi

Arrange: Tang Hao of Tang Wenqi's trainee

Content is in charge of the current situation:

Forestall is short of badly fairly break

Compere: Property government service of China starts later, what does the main characteristic that serves systematic respect have? Whether brief introduction is in promulgate relevant code before byelaw, does domestic property manage the relevant circumstance of the industry?

Ma Yongjian: At present Chinese property manages a system, early days property suffers development business basically to hold accuse, the complete equality, property that trades freely serves both sides of devoid supply and demand the market.

Above all, promulgated 2003 relevant " byelaw " previously, sectional regulations and local laws and regulations hire early days property to do not have to how be being chosen mandatory regulation, and much by development business write one's own ticket, the subsidiary that accordingly these come out by development business derive or the management of early days property that are accessary branch contain certain forestall sex, often cause early days property to manage dispute. To this, " byelaw " introduced enrol the competitive mechanism that bid, to the construction of residential property unit choosing hires early days property to make mandatory regulation. Although be opposite smash up a monopoly, stimulative competition, raise property it is service level, certain to reduce property dispute respect to have action, but be in the operation or can go form, not was on the road that commercializes completely.

Next, because property company is overall,specialization degree is inferior, the market is lacked to it the information platform of form a complete set and operation platform, plus market system and system not perfect, cause home to lack the complete equality, property that trades freely to serve the market. This also is to because of,bring about a large number of such as property overhead expenses, car place and car by pilfer or be marred, owner suffers person, belongings to damage the main reason that waits for caused dispute.
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