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Bo Center office building full days to follow human design. Single body of about 7,000 square meters Building ,800-1000 square meters of small standard floor area. 150-240 square meters of household size. For various types of enterprises to provide a "single-family office," "layered office" "Household work" the most suitable area. Super light plane, 7.2 m depth. 3.5 m storey, the room is not beam-column layout. Bright and transparent work space, work and leisure space for the whole transparent, clean, very comfortable. Day Center office building occupied Bo Metro Airport, Shunyi the core of the region, brought together high-quality global resources and global business trends echoes, followed by the pace of new town development, with its axis of M15 metro location, is a rare Diamond business location. With the timing, location, and create a strong business climate, great strides to build new business district of Shunyi. Day Centre project is located in Bo Capital International Airport and the airport economic core area, is the hub for the development of the core of Metro. 2015 Capital Airport expects passenger throughput of over 60 million annual visitors, the annual cargo throughput of 180 million tons, a Continental hub. Domestic and international experience shows that international hub airports tend to bring together around the development of airport economy of scale, and can effectively promote the overall development area. Shunyi New Town using the resources the most important and unique advantage of the Capital International Airport, and actively develop international exhibitions, business, logistics and other airport-industry, to consolidate and enhance the level of modern manufacturing level, to create industrial development as a regional industrial center and the engine overhead advanced manufacturing base in the capital: another big push regional development of the hand, none other than the non-rail transportation, transportation will increase the liquidity and thus overall development of the industry. With the M15 subway line in 2009, construction of open economic zone for the airport and downtown economic zone has set up a wealth of bridge.
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