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West Chang'an Chang'an exclusive first row of West Hill, adjacent to the heart of the Chinese government, from the Zhongnanhai only 25 minutes drive from the center of the national government Sanlihe only 15 minutes Area! Commercial buildings can also be very rich. Four separate large-scale commercial space consisting of buildings, through the integration of multi-functional, local conditions, the full integration with the surrounding environment. Simple architectural forms by point, line, surface work together to build the Trinity, not only the integration of the western architectural design simple, innovative, eco-technology and other elements, combined with the cultural construction of new building materials to give inspiration from different cultures together to build on the West Chui Chang-an distinct product personality. A1, A2, A3 balcony in accordance with the free combination, SOHO space flexible office concept, the demand for office exclusive tailor-made services to enterprises and institutions to ensure that the maximum out of room rates, rational distribution of limited space, functions streamlined. Maximum investment cost savings, improve interior space utilization, to avoid unnecessary waste. A4 apartment balcony area of business in accordance with the comfort of standard design, each floor by floor area of both flexible, but also the whole floor plan. To meet the many holders of property investors in the region's strong demand, especially for the hotel and the Beijing Office and other investment institutions to provide customized services. The main frame structure, flexible layout; double U-architectures, to ensure adequate room lighting; 52,000 square meters is divided into four separate units, each building unit has a separate entrance are independent lobby, independent core tube can be free combination of segmentation; cooperation flexible: commercial frontages are 126 meters, covering an area the flexibility to allocate the sales; office or hotel-style apartment units can be sold to the entire building can also be layered sales, and provide customized services.
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