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Before October of this year jumped 48% FDI in real estate

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Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian introduction, in October the national actual use of foreign investment 7.663 billion U.S. dollars, for the 15th consecutive month of growth. Areas from the use of foreign capital, 1-October to see the actual use of foreign investment in real estate grew by 48.04%. Foreign capital to ordinary residential real estate-based According to Commerce Department statistics, 10 month, the number of newly approved foreign-invested enterprises 1972, an increase of 8.65%; the actual use of foreign investment 7.663 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 7.86% for the 15th consecutive month of growth. 1-10 months, China newly approved 21181 foreign investment enterprises, up by 16.62%; the actual use of foreign investment 82.003 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 15.71%. The amount of foreign capital actually used services increased by 27.98%, the proportion of the national total was 44.99%, compared with year-ago levels rose 4.14 percentage points. Services sector, foreign capital actually used in real estate increased by 48.04%. From the overall situation, foreign investment in real estate or in ordinary residential based. Yao Jian pointed out that the 1-October, the top ten investment in China regions and countries were: China, Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Germany, the top ten regional / national real foreign investment into the country's total foreign capital actually used 89.91%. Among them, the actual investment of U.S. $ 3,136,000,000, an increase of 10.75%; the EU-27 investment to China for 5.45 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 10.5%. Hot money into the property market shelter of the "pond" Although the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said measures could be taken short-term speculative hot money into the funds that "pond" where, without any of its spread to the real economy in China as a whole to be hot money as profit from. Data show that 10 months the number of foreign capital into China's real estate was clearly on the rise, coupled with severe under the control of prices are still high, has reason to suspect, capital chain rupture is facing the threat of the property market is likely to be part of the hot money to shelter of the "pond." Some experts believe that the influx of foreign capital, or hot money real estate funds will undoubtedly reduce the pressure on the developers is naturally good, and for the ongoing regulation of real estate is bad. October home prices are still higher than the display market regulation facing the situation is very complicated. Among them, foreign investment or the impact of hot money on the property market is worth attention. Sensitive areas to prevent hot money inflows Yao pointed out yesterday, the Commerce Department will further strengthen the supervision of foreign investment, particularly in sensitive areas to prevent hot money inflows, will strengthen the effective supervision, the general aim is to ensure market stability, while ensuring stability of the real estate market. In the just-concluded summit in Seoul G20 countries agreed to allow "sufficient reserves, as well as becoming more flexible exchange rates in emerging market countries, to take careful design of macro-prudential measures." The real estate market, Yao said, "because our country has introduced a number of real estate regulation policy, we will follow the general requirements of the State Council, and further to stabilize the real estate market, will be further measures to make work." He In the meeting room, also pointed out that the Ministry of Commerce also expressed concern that the new foreign investment in real estate changes. From the current situation, some areas of foreign investment will not lead to price changes in the domestic market, but also do not see a direct basis. Recently, Bloomberg released a research report 2011, China will become the world's investors that the investment opportunities in most places, this is due to quantitative easing policy of the United States into emerging markets caused investors to seek higher rate of return, the Chinese real estate growth rate of foreign investment seems quite high.
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