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5A grand opening Valley office seamount - an integrated body of international

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October 23, Hongshan Square, integrated body of international resources of seamounts Jingu Yao Shi ------- 5A office opening, to the world opened its bright veil. National Chamber of Commerce impressive, intent on site signed personally guide feng shui master Guoqi Chang, seamounts Jingu Cheng focus for all parties. Valley all the guests spoke highly of the seamount A grand opening ceremony of the first press conference to begin. Day, airborne dust marketing center, flags fluttering, and carefully arranged the scene full of activity after the celebrations. With a melodious zither music, seamounts Valley news conference officially began, seamounts Group Chairman Mr. Yan Bangshan first speech to some warm and sincere, sincerely welcome guests from all directions; partners for many years, general manager Zhang Jian River fortification hung on seamounts Group and project a detailed interpretation; Lu Xia Jing Tao, chairman of Special Energy ground source heat pump on the seamount Valley for a wonderful use of explanations; as a guest on behalf of, the signing of seamounts Valley 商铺 customers - Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce SHEN Jing hi, the project is given a great deal of recognition. Mori signed on the spot in the Chinese supermarket! Seamount Valley not only has quality customers, more well-known businessmen in advance stationed in Wuhan, China in supermarkets, general manager of Xu Peishan Sen signed the site will be the climax of the atmosphere. Well-known feng shui master feng shui consultant Guoqi Chang seamounts Valley went to the site of the natural environment of seamounts Valley feng shui-depth analysis, so that guests and customers of the seamounts have a deeper understanding of Jingu. Whether the community, or seamounts owners felt the first time the quality of seamounts Valley charm. Handed down at the end of the opening of the luxury home for sale! Opening day, bustling center of seamounts Valley marketing, customer enthusiasm. Guests arrived at the scene, signing customers also receive highly collectible tea gifts. It is reported that seamounts Valley luxury home will also be handed down later this month opened outlets.
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