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Office building market rises business demand to present poor dissimilation stron

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Demand of market of office building of the first class on near future Shanghai still maintains powerful momentum, empty buy rate goes low continuously. The office demand that brings to satisfy the employee dimensions of constant growth, a few companies must begin lease program ahead of schedule, can obtain needs office area in order to assure. The hire that grows continuously makes hold of property of first class office building person be willing more extended hold is not to sell.

Come from Dai Deliang to go the newest research data of office building ministry shows, august, those who be located in area of land home mouth is medium the whole of blue sky of jasper of be in harmony clinchs a deal, broke long-term since this area office building the 0 records that clinch a deal. Of Shanghai bank large building finishing appear on the market, it is afterwards after edifice of group of beautiful 2005 flag builds, the project of another office building that area of Home Xiaoliu mouth rolls out. Current, average sky buy leads office building of the first class on Shanghai to drop continuously, for 4.13% , drop compared to the same period 2.43 percent. Distributing from area in light of, buy of the static sky that install an area leads lowest, for 1.24% ; Rainbow mouth and rate of empty buy of brake north area are higher, achieve 10% the left and right sides. Quote of average day hire is in the market every square metre 1.09 dollars.

Sequel supplies concentration to be in area of land home mouth. Look into future 12 months, what market of office building of this city first class has nine hundred and forty-five thousand four hundred square metre about is new add supply. Among them, area of mouth of Pudong land home predicts to will have five hundred and forty-five thousand six hundred square metre, only center of Shanghai round-the-world banking a project adds those who offer 226 thousand square metre newly supply. Predict 2010, the total supply of office building of first class of area of land home mouth will achieve 1 million square metre. To at present on the market wide the institute of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking that suffers attention leaves go out be as high as every square metre the day hire of 3.3 dollars, dai Deliang goes Zhuo Ji of director of office building department is happy think, this price is come according to usable floor area calculative, if fold synthetic floor area, exceed 2 dollars only, so its clinch a deal actually the price and difference of current market price case are not big, very much without tower above. If the project of crossover of travel of person of Home Xiaoliu mouth in the times program that suffers attention puts into effect, will raise this area to be opposite undoubtedly the appeal of tenement of first class office building, alleviate the traffic issue between each floor space.

Business demand appears poor dissimilation to develop. Rise of hire ceaselessly as the market, tenement rents a respect to present dissimilation bussiness trip to choose in office building. For example, as the ceaseless development of Chinese banking industry, investment bank is met in the project of domestic IPO increasing, corresponding ground also is met outspread its office area. But cast the optional location of travel to leave Home Xiaoliu mouth likely, because their main client is not banking, and these clients handle official bussiness in Pu Xi's office building in great quantities. Accordingly, cast the mark sex that may choose hire Pu Xi all right to build, so that have better figure,will serve a client. Their demand is office building area big, place is good, do not mind the little difference on hire. In addition, this year the end of the year, IBM installs the luck on the road in Cong Huaihai square to move Zhang Jiang, although look,be like moved blame center area, but enterprise of high-tech of Zhang Jiang periphery is concentrated, accord with the figure of the company already, the business development that also gives a company brought more advantage.
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