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Hire of flourishing of demand of office building of Shanghai first class goes up

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The intermediate in travel of 5 big representatives measures global estate couplet goes and the report with high power the closest international shows, market of office building of first class of Shanghai of the 3rd quarter appeared the historical low cost that empty buy leads, and no matter be in,hire still is far on rental rate banner wait for inland at Beijing city of other a gleam of.

Yesterday, intermediate measures the report that couplet goes to show, in new company, existing company the abidance of active dilate needs sue for peace below the double action of limited supply, the hire growth rate of business affairs area is rapidder than Beijing in the center of Shanghai core, once first class office building appears on the market to be inducted quickly, those who make Shanghai is average rental rate is achieved 98.4% .

The newest report of high power international also shows, in demand exuberant reach supply finite associated influence to fall, rate of empty place of market of office building of first class of the 3rd quarter achieves the historical low cost of 3% , than going up the quarter drops 0.4 percent. Because this average rent make a price rises to everyday every make the same score meter of 1.2 dollars, and clinch a deal on average hire is every square metre everyday 1.1 dollars, relatively on the quarter grows 2.8% , than last year the corresponding period grows 10% .

Intermediate quantity analyses a personage to point out related couplet travel, shanghai's so driving hire grows and the hire state with high rental rate and Beijing and relatively smooth area of Guangzhou and other places formed bright contrast. The analytic personage of high power international thinks, what the renting demand of first class office building still keeps driving is very big one part reason, come from hope to extend existing office area at partial company, in the meantime, new the foreign capital company that enters Shanghai needs to so that,rent Lou Yu practice.

The 3rd quarter a few clinch a deal notably case has: All rich seek advice (Shanghai) limited company bear hired Fu Shian of Lai of Huang Pu area floor of 2929 square metre; Company of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty bear hired large building of new world of Hong Kong of Lu Wan area floor of 528 square metre; Limited company of management of asset of tall rich Nuo seeks advice bear hired Lu Wan Ou Xinmao edifice floor of 445 square metre.

Empty buy rate is new low the shortage that showing from a flank office building of Shanghai first class is supplied, nevertheless, this kind of phenomenon may be brief. Current, center of Shanghai round-the-world banking already the structure seals a top, add newly supply height can be expected soon. Gudong Buddhist nun says president of Shanghai of travel of intermediate quantity couplet: "Current, the owner of office building of Pudong first class is having taller expectation to hiring hire beforehand. However, as coming add newly supply a height, we need to pay close attention to tenement closely to whether still be willing to be hired beforehand with same price. We need to pay close attention to tenement closely to whether still be willing to be hired beforehand with same price..
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