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China becomes estate to invest first selection market

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ING survey shows estate becomes Asian investor collective preference

China becomes estate to invest first selection market

By group of ING(Holand international) the findings report of an investment atmosphere that announced recently shows, although the United States is sub what debt crisis diffuses to the whole world is anxious up to now still not subsidise, but the result of survey shows related the basis, the mood of the investor of Asian major market is upbeat, the land of the home in sufferring the market that visits an object to be interested most to be that invests estate of purpose.

Afore-mentioned viewpoints, it is ING Asia-Pacific area is entrusted internationally survey orgnaization TNS passes online investigation and interview form, 1308 people of inland, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesian to China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippine, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand are rich after estate spreads out survey, reach.

   Outback investor risk bears ability rises significantly

ING Asia-Pacific area rolls out this first investigation report shows quarterly sex, "The investor photograph that is the same as other market is compared, chinese inland investor trades in the stock on more active, among them the investor of 24% is in in the past of 3 the middle of a month trade the frequency achieved above 20 times, trade frequency is next to Thailand and Hong Kong investor. " investigation report shows: "The investment of Chinese inland investor is periodic and average shorter, the investment cycle of 82% investor is 5 years or 5 years the following " .

Investigation report says, as a result of the driving expression of domestic economy and capital market, chinese inland investor is right of the risk bear ability is next to Hong Kong investor, the investment that investigates in place ranks in the market 2. In addition, chinese inland investor also shows strong interest to global stock market.

"The old rate of investor and its certain to the confidence existence of the market associated sex. " according to survey result, in relatively mature Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore market, investor tends in the manner when looking into foreground conservative. Watch the investor of India and Chinese inland instead, because its investment history is shorter, its are very hopeful to the view of the market.

  Chinese inland and Indian investor confidence are highest

Land of the home in diffusing the bovine city mood of stock market, also approbate extensively for Asia-Pacific area investor. "Outside dividing Japanese investor, asian investor holds upbeat mood generally to short-term investment climate. " the report shows, in 13 markets that begin survey, land of the home in coming from, India two big " the hottest " the investor confidence level in Asian economy system is top.

According to afore-mentioned report analysises, investor of guest of law of He Fei of the Hong Kong that has 1/4 about at present, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Australia special the market situation of land of the home in valueing, market of land of the home in sufferring the person that visit to still think will be in 3 the middle of a month will obtain remarkable growth henceforth. Among them, in Chinese inland, India in two big markets, those who exceed 70% suffer visit an object to think native economy will be in 3 the middle of a month will continue henceforth up-and-up. But Japanese investor is most pessimistic to native economic situation: Because the likelihood suffers the influence that domestic political situation changes, only of 26% suffer visit an object to think domestic economic situation will be in 3 the middle of a month will improve henceforth.
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